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Whitebridge is a major town in Andor, and is a crossing across the River Arinelle.[1] The location's name derives from the stunning white, intricately built bridge that spans the river. Scholars speculate that the bridge is an artifact from the Age of Legends, meaning that the bridge must be thousands of years old.

Plot summary[]

After leaving the Two Rivers, Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran attempt to make their way to Whitebridge with Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, and Egwene al'Vere, where they then plan to proceed to Tar Valon.

When the group encounters the Children of the Light on the road, Moiraine tells Eamon Valda that she is heading to Whitebridge to meet with her "sister."

The group's plan goes awry when they are pursued by Shadowspawn in the middle of the night, forcing them to enter Shadar Logoth, where the group is separated from one another.[1]

Changes from the book series[]

Whitebridge is an adaptation of the town of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • In the book series, Rand and Mat make it to Whitebridge after escaping Shadar Logoth. In the television series, they move on to Breen's Spring, which acts as a sort of amalgamation of several towns and villages visited by the pair on the Caemlyn Road.



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