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Uta Briesewitz is an executive producer and director for Prime Video's television series The Wheel of Time.

She directed the first two episodes of season 1: Leavetaking and Shadow's Waiting.

General overview[]

Briesewitz is known for directing episodes for Westworld (2018), Stranger Things (2019), Altered Carbon (2018), and Black Sails (2017).


From an interview in December 2020 with Short Take podcast:[1][2]

What is the favorite job you’ve done? (And it doesn’t have to to be a directing job, but it obviously, it can be.)
Wow! There are many because I deeply enjoy what I do, be it as a cinematographer or as a director. So, there are many, many, many. But as a director, and thinking more recently…for me it would be The Wheel of Time…the fantasy series. I shot the pilot for [season] one and [the] second episode…for Rafe Judkins…the show creator for Amazon in Prague last year now…and I shot a little bit this year. Because it was just — as an episodic director, you always come on to shows that are already established. So, you are a guest: you come and go. You get a certain amount of time to connect with the crew and the actors, and then when you really kind of find your groove, you already have to leave again, and doing The Wheel of Time was a really long commitment. I think I was in Prague for roughly eight months. So, building something from the ground up, every detail, and creating this world with so many amazing, talented artists together, and see it kind of rise up in front of us from nothing, you know, whatever we did, it was just incredibly exciting and fun and fulfilling. So, I think that would be…my favorite job so far.
What is the last book you read?
That would be, embarrassingly enough, would be The Eye of the World, the first book of The Wheel of Time series in preparation for my job.



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