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The Two Rivers is a region in the far west of Andor.[1][2] It contains four main villages and several farms. The quaint region is home to a number of inhabitants, including Perrin Aybara, Rand al'Thor, Egwene al'Vere, Mat Cauthon, and Nynaeve al'Meara.

The Two Rivers is named for the two rivers that mark its boundaries.


The region of the Two Rivers is nestled between the Mountains of Mist, the Taren River to the north, and another river to the south. These two rivers that border it give the region its name.[3] It is an isolated mountain community and its people rely on outsiders, such as peddlers, for news about the rest of the world.

Their governmental structure includes a Women's Circle, headed by a Wisdom.

Wool is a major export from the Two Rivers, which is brought through Taren Ferry.[4]


The Two Rivers includes the following locations:


Notable inhabitants include:


The Two Rivers rests upon the land that used to be called Manetheren before the Trolloc Wars. Though nothing remained from the destruction of their great city, the survivors returned and held the land that was theirs.[5]

Season 1[]

Egwene al'Vere is initiated into the Women's Circle by the current Wisdom, Nynaeve al'Meara. Her successful initiation is a cause for celebration within the community at the Winespring Inn in Emond's Field. Their celebration is cut short by the arrival of an Aes Sedai, Moiraine Damodred, and her Warder, Lan Mandragoran. The two travelers request a room for the night, not disclosing their quest to find the Dragon Reborn.

As Moiraine and Lan investigate potential candidates, the region prepares for Bel Tine. The emotional ceremony leads straight into a celebration of dancing, drinking, and overall merriment, until Emond's Field is attacked by Trollocs, who destroy the town, kill many residents, and wound many others. Moiraine channels her the One Power to fight the Shadowspawn, though her efforts result in the destruction of the inn. While she successfully kills the Trollocs and deters them for the time being, she makes it clear the next day that four of the villagers she has been studying - Rand al'Thor, Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthon, and Egwene al'Vere, must come with her if they want to avoid the encroaching Trolloc army, as the Shadowspawn are after one of them as the Dragon Reborn. The four agree, and leave the village with Moiraine and Lan.[4]


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The Old Blood runs deep in those mountains.


  • Primary filming for the Two Rivers took place in the Czech Republic.[6] Additional scenes might have been filmed in Slovenia near the Soča River.[7]


Changes from the book series[]

The Two Rivers is an adaptation of the region of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.



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