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The Two Rivers is a region in The Wheel of Time. It contains Emond's Field and other nearby villages and farms. Several of the main characters are from the Two Rivers, and Moiraine arrives searching for the Dragon Reborn.

The Two Rivers is named for the two rivers that mark its boundaries.



The Two Rivers includes the following locations:

  • Emond's Field
  • Various independent farms
  • Other villages (yet to be confirmed in the TV series)
  • The Westwood


Notable inhabitants include the following main characters:

Notable visitors include the following main characters:

Plot summary[]


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  • Primary filming for Emond's Field in the Two Rivers took place in the Czech Republic.[1] Additional scenes might have been filmed in Slovenia near the Soča River.[2]


Changes from the book series[]

The Two Rivers is an adaptation of the region of the same name Booklink.svg from the book series.



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