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Tuatha'an wagons travel across the Caralain Grass.

The Tuatha'an (Old Tongue for Traveling People), also known as Tinkers, are a nomadic people who travel across the Westlands. They will feature in season 1 of The Wheel of Time.[1]


The Tuatha'an are nomads who follow the pacifist Way of the Leaf. They never engage in violence, not even in the case of self-defense, and are strictly vegetarian.[2] They have a reputation as thieves and kidnappers among the nation-states of the Westlands.[3]

At the age of twenty, young Tuatha'an leave their wagons to see the world, though not all of them return.[4]


The Tuatha'an believe that, in the Age of Legends, their people knew a Song that would unite the world in harmony. Their nomadic ways stem from their perpetual search for the Song.[2]


After spending days in the Caralain Grass after leaving Shadar Logoth, Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere find wagon tracks along the road. They scout the tracks for some time, and eventually come across the Tuatha'an, led by Ila, Raen, and Aram who introduce themselves to the youths in their custom. Perrin and Egwene are invited to their campsite. The Tuatha'an are surprised that the isolated youths from the Two Rivers have never heard of the Traveling People.[3]

Known Tuatha'an[]

Changes from the book series[]

The Tuatha'an are adapted from the people of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.


  • Isis Mussenden was inspired by the indigenous peoples of Peru for the Tuatha'an attire. The main colors of the Tuatha'an palette are gray and pink, which are not common in the other cultures of the Westlands.[6]
  • Their wagons were inspired by the wagons of the Romani people.[6]
  • The Tuatha'an primarily speak with Irish accents. The Irish Travellers are one of the main inspirations for their culture.


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