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A Trolloc is a common Shadowspawn construct. They are a genetic cross between humans and animals, and many types of animal stock were used in their creation. As a result, some have extremely keen tracking instincts, heightened by certain species in their genealogy.[1]


Trollocs are constructs that have a few human instincts, but loyalty, compassion, and care are not in their makeup. Food is one of their biggest priorities, and they will eat whatever is most convenient, including cannibalizing a wounded comrade-in-arms.[2]


Trollocs are one of the Shadowspawn constructs created in the Age of Legends by a man who served the Dark One. They were engineered using humans and animals to create an easily controlled and renewable army.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Manipulation: The Trollocs are under the manipulation and control of the Fades. They were created to serve in the Dark One's army, making them tools against any enemy the Fades direct them towards.
  • Aquaphobia: Trollocs will not naturally cross large bodies of water.[1]
  • Shadar Logoth: Trollocs will not enter the distinct evil found in the abandoned city of Shadar Logoth.[1]
  • Steddings: Trollocs will not enter an Ogier stedding.[4]


Trollocs wield a variety of weapons, including spears and axes. Some have even been known to brandish bows and arrows. Trolloc weapons are coated with a deadly poison, and produce wounds that rarely heal by themselves.[5]

Trolloc bands[]

Trollocs are organized into various bands.[6] Known bands include:

  • Ahf'frait (Strong Wind)
  • Al'ghol (Soulless)
  • Bhan'sheen (Bringers of Annihilation)
  • Dhai'mon (Scythes of War)
  • Dha'vol (Sires of Agony)
  • Dhjin'nen (Those Who Bring Terror)
  • Ghar'ghael (Brutes of Venom)
  • Ghob'hlin (Harvesters of Souls)
  • Ghraem'lan (Prized of the Mighty)

Changes from the book series[]

The Trollocs are based on the creatures of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.


  • A clip of raw footage from the show that featured a Trolloc was accidentally linked by Prime Video Deutschland's official Twitter account.
  • Rafe Judkins has stated that the show wishes to capture the individual uniqueness of the Trollocs, and that they have designed several Trolloc designs, including one that the production team has nicknamed "Betty."


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