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This article is about the animated short. For the location, see White Tower.

The White Tower is the fifth episode of the animated series of shorts, The Wheel of Time Origins. It premiered on Friday, November 19, 2021 on Prime Video.[1]


Official synopsis for The White Tower from Prime Video:

An Aes Sedai takes us through the White Tower to learn about her sisters from the various Ajahs.


Cast and characters[]





As one age passes into memory, another finds its beginnings.

Out of the ashes of the Breaking, surviving factions of female Aes Sedai emerged into a new world. They met under common cause, to protect the world from further devastation. While male Aes Sedai continued their descent into madness and destruction, the island of Tar Valon was chosen, and the White Tower was born. A base dedicated to progress, research, and training.

Here, those with the natural ability to channel are welcomed as Novices to begin their training. From novicehood, years may pass before a sacred serpent ring is placed on one's finger, raising her to the level of Accepted. And long after, when deemed ready, the Accepted take the Three Oaths and are raised to wear the shawl as Aes Sedai.

Those lucky enough to get called to the shawl will choose their Ajah of seven factions, each with their own specific purpose: Warriors standing ready, healers of all things living, keepers of the past, seekers of justice, law-focused diplomats, pursuers of truth and reason, and those dedicated to preventing a wrong and dangerous use of the One Power.

The Hall of the Tower is our central council, represented by three sitters from each Ajah. Here we vote and deliberate over important matters. On the throne, the Amyrlin Seat. Here, I was sworn in as the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, chosen for life.

It was no accident that we chose the island of Tar Valon in plain view of Dragonmount. It's a message, spoken to all generations, a reminder of the past, a warning that the Dragon Reborn will come... one day.



Origins episodes


  1. Official The Wheel of Time account on Twitter: "Explore the years and centuries before our tale. On November 19, see the new animated shorts on X-Ray by pressing up on your FireTV remote or tapping on your mobile device while watching #TheWheelOfTime. Only on @PrimeVideo." November 12, 2021.