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This article is about the animated shorts. For the book on the real-world history and inspirations behind the book series, see Origins of the Wheel of Time Booklink.svg (book spoilers!).

The Wheel of Time Origins is a series of animated shorts explaining the history of the world of The Wheel of Time television series. It premiered on November 19, 2021 on Prime Video, with the release of the first three episodes.[1] The sixth and final episode premiered on December 9, 2021.[2]

The series is written by Rammy Park and directed by Dan Difelice. Each episode has one narrator who is the primary, or sole, speaker.


# Title Narrator Airdate Synopsis
1 The Breaking of the World Ida May Nov 19, 2021 See how the male side of the One Power was poisoned by the Dark One and brought about the destruction of the world.
2 The Fall of Manetheren Rupert Degas Nov 19, 2021 The story of King Aemon and the battle against a horde of Trollocs and Fades that ended with his life and the total destruction of Manetheren.
3 The Greatest Warder Steven Hartley Nov 19, 2021 A tale about the greatest warder that ever lived and how his legacy has passed on through time.
4 Saidin, Saidar, Stone Ida May Nov 26, 2021 A lesson on the difference between the male and female side of channeling and the darkness that separated the two.
5 The White Tower Evelyn Miller Dec 3, 2021 An Aes Sedai takes us through the White Tower to learn about her sisters from the various Ajahs.
6 An Ogier's Longing Rupert Degas Dec 9, 2021 The story of an Ogier treesings his stedding into the world and takes us on a journey through time to understand the lives they lead.


  • The series was first announced on November 12, 2021 with a trailer, which previewed the names of five episodes.[1]



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  2. Director Dan Difelice stated this is the final episode in an Instagram post on December 9, 2021.