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The Wheel of Time - Explained is a series of informational shorts intended to "help a #FirstWoTimer get acquainted while avoiding spoilers." It was first released on October 21, 2021 as part of the marketing to lead up to the release for The Wheel of Time television series. It is released online on social media and available globally.

Each episode is between 19-24 seconds, and only 2-3 sentences of content. Each explaination is provided by a cast member.


# Title Cast members Date External link
1 What is an Aes Sedai? Rosamund Pike October 21, 2021 Twitter
The Aes Sedai are a powerful group of female channelers trained in the White Tower of Tar Valon and led by the Amyrlin Seat. Now although they're feared by many, "Aes Sedai" itself means "servant of all".
2 What is a Warder? Daniel Henney November 5, 2021 Twitter
A Warder is a person who is literally bonded to an Aes Sedai through the One Power. Often acting as a bodyguard, a friend, and a confidant, a Warder will do anything for their Aes Sedai.
3 What is a Whitecloak? Marcus Rutherford November 25, 2021 Twitter
A Whitecloak is a member of an organization called the Children of the Light. They are dedicated to finding and eliminating Darkfriends by any means necessary. Despite seemingly having similar goals, they are at odds with the Aes Sedai.
4 What is the Dragon? Rosamund Pike December 3, 2021 Twitter
The Dragon is the prophesied Warrior of the Light that will battle the Dark One. Some people believe they will save the world while some say they will bring another Breaking of the World. But one thing is clear: That without them, there is absolutely no hope of defeating the Dark One.
5 What is a Wisdom? Zoë Robins December 9, 2021 Twitter
The Wisdom is a healer, a teacher, and a guiding figure in the Two Rivers. They are the head of the Women's Circle, and so hold great power and influence throughout the town and surrounding areas. Once appointed, a Wisdom generally serves for life.
6 What is a Trolloc? Marcus Rutherford December 12, 2021 Twitter
A trolloc is a horrifying fusion of human and animal. Lacking the full knowledge a human would have, but enough to be cunning and ruthless, these shadowspawn make up most of the Dark One's forces.
7 What is a Channeler? Josha Stradowski December 19, 2021 Twitter
A channeler is a person who's capable of drawing the One Power from the True Source. With proper training, you can do wonderful and terrible things. Untrained channelers also exist, though generally they're not as powerful and knowledgeable. Either way, using the One Power comes with great risk.