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The Wheel of Time: The First Turn is the first album for The Wheel of Time. It was released on November 12, 2021.

It is the first of four albums released for season 1. This album consists of the themes that are used throughout the season, while the following three albums are more directly the music used in the episodes.


The album has 14 tracks.

Track Original title Translated Featured vocals Theme for Length
1 Mashithamel Young Love TBA Rand al'Thor 3:33
2 Moiraine Sedai Moiraine Sedai TBA Moiraine Damodred 4:08
3 Ta'maral'ailen Web of Destiny Abby Lyons, Derek Hughes Egwene al'Vere 4:01
4 Aes Sedai Servants of All Abby Lyons Aes Sedai 2:24
5 Ost Ninto Shostya On Your Knees n/a 2:29
6 Mashiara Lost Love Peter Cox, Abby Lyons, Derek Hughes, Jake Hart Nynaeve al'Meara 6:18
7 Al'Naito The Flame Abby Lyons, Aisyah Siuan Sanche 4:08
8 Al'Cair Sei Goldeneyes TBA Perrin Aybara 2:57
9 Caisen'shar Old Blood Abby Lyons, Our Native Daughters Mat Cauthon 3:34
10 Aman Syndai Dragon Reborn TBA Logain Ablar 2:48
11 Noriv al Zaffid Two Halves of One Whole TBA 2:00
12 Al'Dival For the Light Peter Cox Children of the Light 3:36
13 Wab'shar Bonded TBA 4:39
14 Mordero'Sheen Bringers of Death TBA Trollocs 6:28


Album release[]

Format Release date Discs UPC
Digital Nov 12, 2021 - -
CD Jan 7, 2022 1 1 94399 66492 6
Vinyl record Jun 2022 2 1 94399 66491 9


Prior to the release of the digital album on November 12, 2021, several singles were released online:

  • Al'Naito - October 8, 2021
  • Caisen'shar - November 5, 2021
  • Mashiara - Nobember 5, 2021

Behind the scenes[]

The album is described as being largely conceptual, with key themes that spawned variations in the final score.[1]

Composer Lorne Balfe's official statement:[1]

The universe of The Wheel of Time is truly unique. Inspired by oral traditions in storytelling, each theme's voices tell the story of the character, place, or idea in Old Tongue, a language unique to the universe of The Wheel of Time. The score to this series is a re-imagination of fantasy music, doing away with the genre's reliance on large, traditional orchestras in favor of more modern colors while retaining the strong melodies and bold harmonies that fans can expect from such an epic. It was my honor collaborating with showrunner Rafe Judkins along with our 14th Street Music team and musicians to share The First Turn album with you.




The full album was officially released by Prime Video on YouTube.

The songs have all been officially uploaded to YouTube by composer Lorne Balfe.



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The First Turn: 01 Mashithamel • 02 Moiraine Sedai • 03 Ta'maral'ailen • 04 Aes Sedai • 05 Ost Ninto Shostya • 06 Mashiara • 07 Al'Naito • 08 Al'Cair Sei • 09 Caisen'shar • 10 Aman Syndai • 11 Noriv al Zaffid • 12 Al'Dival • 13 Wab'shar • 14 Mordero'Sheen

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