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The Wheel Of Time Virtual World is a virtual world in the online game Gather Town created for The Wheel of Time television series. It was first revealed on November 8, 2021.[1][2]

Versions of the game are available in German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Korean.[3]


Official announcement description:

WHEEL OF TIME FANS–ARE YOU READY? For the first time ever, you are invited to enter a brand new digital world of #TheWheelofTime. 🙌

We re-created the fantastic world of The Wheel of Time pixel by pixel on #Gathertown: Now you can explore every tavern, field and forest at home with fans from all over the world any time you want. It all opens ‼️ November 19‼️ No account needed, no registration needed, everything is free to explore!

Meanwhile, we are also hosting THREE LIVE EVENTS in sunny Australia for AUNZ fans. Please feel free to invite your WOT mates! RSVP via: and mark your calendars for: ⭐November 20 ⭐December 4 ⭐December 18

With three live events, you can join fans from all over the world for scavenger hunts, fortune telling, live performance, fan chats and pub trivia. Plus there will be exclusive prizes to be won! 😍

Keep an eye out for the event links and information that will be released 10 mins prior to dates on this event page. 👀

If you miss the live events, have no fear. You will still be able to explore the Wheel of Time digital world with your friends anytime you want after November 19th. 🧝🧝‍♀️ Link to the map Gate opens on November 19th.

If you have any questions or if you simply want to chat all things Wheel of Time with your fellow fans, hit discussion tab and post them on our event page. 🙋‍♂️ May peace favour your sword.


Avatar characters[]

These characters are available as special user avatars. They're not encountered in the world. In list order:

Encountered characters[]

These characters are encountered in the world.


  • Tally, mentioned by an Emond's Field boy who wants to ask her to dance


Locations in order of appearance:


Promotional images[]

Promotional character images[]



  • Bela says "can I deny the rumors? Neigh!" This is the reference to the joke theory that Bela is the Creator.
  • Cenn Buie's house is the only house to have thatch, while all other roofs are tiled. If he is approached, he will complain that every building except the inn should have thatched roofs, a reference to the original book series.
  • This is the first officially licensed video game for The Wheel of Time since the 1999 first-person shooter game Booklink.svg (book spoilers!).

External links[]


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  3. Prime Video Australia & New Zealand on Twitter. Germany has worked with us to build a WOT x Gather world for their viewers. It'll be in German (ja!) and there will be prizes for German participants too. 🥰 There will also be a map in Spanish, Italian, French and Korean. 😦👌. November 15, 2021.
  4. Daise's name is spelled "Congaar", which is different from both the TV series (Conger) and the books (Congar).