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The Man Who Can't Forget is a song in The Wheel of Time. The gleeman Thom Merrilin performs it at the Four Kings Inn in Breen's Spring.


When Rand al'Thor and Mat Cauthon go into the inn looking for their friends, Thom Merrilin performs the song. It's somber and the crowd goes quiet. The innkeeper Dana breaks the ice by asking if everyone wants another round.[1]


The colors of his morning
The darkness of his night
Little graves that gave no warning
A sun that brought no light

He saw his whole world breaking
That tortured soul I met
In a prison of his making
The man who can't forget

I can still hear the way that he cried
For the ones he was missing
I can still hear the way that he cried
For the ones he had lost

He saw them in the rivers
He felt them in the rain
In dreams he heard them whisper
The truth that is his pain

He caused the whole world's breaking
That tortured soul I met
In a prison of his making
The man who can't forget

Behind the scenes[]

Showrunner Rafe Judkins said the following about the song's development and meaning:[2]

We had started pulling lyrics from the books and then Dave Hill, the writer handling that block of episodes, actually started working on this idea of ‘What if you told a story about the last Dragon and the Breaking of the World and it’s very, very subtle?'

I don’t think non-book fans will catch much of it, but I think you’ll get this idea that the world was broken. And that the idea of the world having been broken and the emotional toll on previous characters that we will later realize who is who and what is what with that. I think that that could be a scene that when played back when people know the full story of the show will have much further impact.

Actor Alexandre Willaume said the following about the song:[3]

The lyrics are about a man who met the man who broke the world, who can't forget seeing what he has done to everybody, seeing the turmoil, and even though the world carries on and tries to find a new way of living, he can't forget what he did. And I thought that was quite good.



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