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The Greatest Warder is the third episode of the animated series of shorts, The Wheel of Time Origins. It premiered on Friday, November 19, 2021 on Prime Video.[1]


Official synopsis for The Greatest Warder from Prime Video:

A tale about the greatest warder that ever lived and how his legacy has passed on through time.


Cast and characters[]

  • Jearom
  • Unnamed trainee
  • Unnamed instructor
  • Narrated by Steven Hartley



  • Training yard


Opens to a warder training yard. The sound of fighting and weapons striking, and instructors calling out.

Instructor: Whatever comes, face it on your feet.

[unclear dialogue]

A trainee with a sword is bested by one with a quarterstaff. The instructor addresses the one bested.

Instructor: On your feet. Jearom Gaidin.
Trainee: Sir, yes. The greatest swordsman.
Instructor: Hmm. A man without history. Only legends pass through the ranks of the Warders. His prowess with a sword knew no equal. In battle, all who should cross him found themselves at the far end of his blade. Save one. Ten thousand victories, and a single loss. To a farmer with a wooden quarter staff. His sole defeat became a legacy. Never again underestimate your fellow man. Respect the wielder, not the weapon. Who is the greatest blademaster of all time?

[unclear dialogue]



Origins episodes


  1. Official The Wheel of Time account on Twitter: "Explore the years and centuries before our tale. On November 19, see the new animated shorts on X-Ray by pressing up on your FireTV remote or tapping on your mobile device while watching #TheWheelOfTime. Only on @PrimeVideo." November 12, 2021.