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Transcript for The Eye of the World, season 1 episode 8 of The Wheel of Time.

Scene numbers match the official scenes on Prime video. Scene 1 is the Prime Video logo.

Scene 2: Previously on[]

Moiraine: You're coming with me, the four of you. Your life isn't going to be what you thought.
Agelmar: Fal Dara always has and always will be able to protect its own.
Moiraine: Your power may not have been strong enough. You spent many years training with my sisters at the White Tower.
: The Dark One has begun to use the Ways to move his armies.
Perrin: I could've sworn I just saw Padan Fain walk past us.
Nynaeve: The peddler?
: Mat!
: Mat!
Lan: What if it's him?
Moiraine: One thing we cannot afford is for the Dragon to turn to the Shadow.
Moiraine: I don't want you to die. But whichever of you goes to the Eye of the World and is not the Dragon, you will die there.
Egwene: We left the Two Rivers to protect the people we love. No matter the cost.
Min: But they're all linked, all four of them.
Moiraine: Is that unusual?
Min: Very.
Liandrin: The most powerful channeler we've seen in a thousand years.
Valda: Channel for me, girl.
Valda: Light protect me. What are you?
Nynaeve: You are a king without a kingdom.
Lan: Malkier was taken by the Blight so long ago.
: No!
: [screaming]
Lan: Moiraine masked our bond.
Nynaeve: I don't understand.
Lan: She left.
Nynaeve: By herself?
Egwene: Rand.
Machin Shin: You are the Dragon Reborn.

Scene 3: 3000 years ago[]

: [bell chiming]
Lews Therin Telamon: Latra, we--
Latra: You have presented your case and you have our answer.
Lews Therin: So, that's it then? You would break the Aes Sedai in two? Men against women?
Latra: It's you who breaks us.
: You can't stop me.
: [baby crying]
: I can't.
Lews Therin: We have a chance, here to do something that's never been done before-- to cage the Dark One, to stop His influence from touching this world ever again.
Latra: When you and I became Aes Sedai, we swore an oath to serve all. What you plan to do? It serves only your pride.
: You're wrong.
Latra: You expose the very source of the One Power to Him. If He touches and corrupts it, your Power will be out of control. It will run unchecked. You and your men could throw us back a thousand years or more.
Lews Therin: If you help us, we won't fail.
Latra: We will remain, to pick up the pieces as best we can if you do.
: [scoffs softly]
Latra: What's wrong?
Lews Therin: To think, the fate of the world was decided in a nursery.
Latra: Nothing was decided here. The decision rests solely with you, when you face Him. This is just an imperfect, overwhelmed woman trying to remind her old friend that he's not invincible.
: [baby continues crying]
Latra: Light be with you, Lews Therin Telamon, Dragon Reborn.
Latra: And you, Latra Posae Decume, Tamyrlin Seat, Watcher of the Flame.
: [baby continues crying]
: [shushing]
Lews Therin: Sweetheart. Sweetheart, daddy's here. Today I make the world safe for you.

Outside the window is a a beautiful advanced city. A small ship flies by. (Note that the city shares the design of the ruins seen in episode 1 Leavetaking.)

Scene 4: Opening theme.

Scene 5: The Blight[]

Moiraine and Rand make their way through the tangled vine-covered forest of the Blight. They advance and come across a corpse, being consumed by moss and mushrooms.

Rand: What happened to him?
Moiraine: Boys from the Borderlands sometimes like to test themselves against the Blight. And they usually come up wanting. Don't touch him. Don't touch anything here. The Blight is a rot which spreads from the Dark One's prison and consumes everything in its path. Including young men in way over their heads.

Scene 6: Fal Dara bedroom[]

: [faint roaring in distance]
: [bell tolling]
: [door opens]
: [crying]
Perrin: You know we can't go. We have no idea where they are, where they're going. Only Moiraine does. We'll die in the Blight.
Egwene: [sobbing] I love him, Perrin. [sniffles]
Perrin: So do I.
Egwene: Are we all right?
Perrin: We'll always be all right.
: [sobbing]

Scene 7: The Blight[]

: [footsteps crunching]
: [faint roaring in distance]
Moiraine: Good. We're getting closer. We can rest here. For half an hour, no more.
Rand: What are those?
Moiraine: The Seven Towers of Malkier.
Rand: Malkier? That's where Lan said he was born. It looks like it's been that way a thousand years.
Moiraine: Forty at most. Three years ago, it was miles from Tarwin's Gap. It's just another sign that the Dark One's strength is building.
Rand: Was it hard?
Moiraine: What?
Rand: To leave him behind.
Moiraine: Here. Have some of that. You need to keep up your strength.

Scene 8: Fal Dara[]

: [birds chirping]
: [chatter in distance]
: Are you all right?
: Can you feel anything through the bond?
Lan: She doesn't want to be followed. Not to what she's facing now.
Nynaeve: After the Trolloc attack in the Two Rivers, when I followed you... It wasn't you who I tracked. It was her. She has a tell. I can show you how.
Lan: You would let me go without you?
Nynaeve: You bring him back.
: ♪ ♪
Lan: You are a remarkable woman, Wisdom.
Nynaeve: A Wisdom never weds. But if I go to Tar Valon, it may be I'll be something other than a Wisdom.
Lan: I will hate the man you choose. Because he is not me. And I will love him if he makes you smile. You are as beautiful as the sunrise. You are as fierce as a warrior. You are a lioness, Wisdom.
: [sighs]
Lan: Tell me how to find them.

Scene 9: The Blight[]

Rand startles awake. Moss is growing up his hand and he quickly scrubs it off.

Moiraine: What? What did you dream? Dreams have great meaning, especially here, so close to his touch.
Rand: It was the Dark One. He knows where we are. He's coming.

A blade stabs Moiraine from behind, coming out of her mouth. It's pulled back. Moiraine falls.

The Man: [distorted] I wouldn't have expected it would be you.

Rand fires an arrow into The Man's left eye. The Man presses against the shaft of the arrow, pushing it into his face. As he does so, the burned skin slips away, revealing a normal-looking man.

The Man: [normal voice] There. That's better. Hard to have a real conversation otherwise. You look nothing like him. But still, you're him. I see it behind your eyes.

The Man touches Rand's cheek. Rand pushes his hand aside and moves away.

The Man: So what's your plan, Lews Therin? You have one, right?
Rand: No, this is a dream.
The Man: Does it matter? Whether you're asleep or awake? I mean, either way, here we are, finally having a conversation once again. Sit down. It's pathetic, you know. Coming for me with a single Aes Sedai at your side. The last time, you... you came with 99 companions, far stronger than her, and... and still you failed. Have you even touched the Power before? Do you have any idea what you're doing?

Rand draws his sword and aims it at The Man, who tilts the blade aside to look at it.

The Man: Ooh. A heron-marked blade. Where did you get that?
Rand: From my father.
The Man: [laughing] Your father has been dead a long time, boy. Oh, you mean... you mean that shepherd in the Two Rivers? What's his name again? Tam? Tam al'Thor, right? [chuckles] Oh, you really do think he's your father. That's... that's sweet in a way. Who would've thought the Dragon Reborn would be a fool? Every turning has its little surprises, I suppose.
Rand: This is a dream.
The Man: Stubborn as ever, Lews. Come. Put down the sword. Let me tell you what those women never would about what it means to be the Dragon.
Rand: This is a dream.

Rand turns his sword on himself and thrusts it through his stomach. The Man sighs.

Rand startles awake in the Blight.

Moiraine: What? What did you dream? Dreams have great meaning, especially here, so close to his touch.
Rand: It was the Dark One.
Moiraine: What did he say to you?
Rand: I don't believe a word he said.

Rand walks past her, continuing on their journey.

Scene 10: The Blight[]

Rand: When we get there, what's our plan?
Moiraine: What did he say to you in the dream?
Rand: No, this is about you. You always have a plan within a plan within a plan. Don't try to convince me that for this you've got nothing.

Moiraine pulls out a small carving of a man in a seated position.

Moiraine: This is a sa'angreal. It was made before the Breaking of the World, created from the One Power itself. Thousands of male channelers put the entirety of their strength into this one small object. And when you channel into it, it'll increase your power a hundredfold.

Rand takes the figurine.

Rand: And what do I do with that power?
Moiraine: You put him back where he belongs, where his touch can't reach the Earth for another 3,000 years.
Rand: [smiles] Just that.

Moiraine turns to continue their journey.

Rand: You thought it would be Egwene. Didn't you? You taught her to channel. You introduced her to your Amyrlin Seat. You thought it was her. ... So did I.

Scene 11: Fal Dara[]

: [wind whistling softly]
: What do you hear?
Nynaeve: Nothing. Ever since the day I channeled, I hear nothing. Do you hear anything?
: [wind grows louder]
: [faint, distant screaming]
: [screaming grows louder]
: [fierce roaring]
: [gasps]
: What is it?
Egwene: Same thing we heard on Bel Tine. Something wrong. But if that was a whisper, this is a scream.

Scene 12: The Blight[]

: [footsteps sloshing]
: [wind whistling softly]
: [branches creaking]
: [nearby snarling]
: [gasps]
: [chuckles softly]
Rand: Will you teach me how to channel?
Moiraine: I can't. Every time you touch the Source, it'll take you closer and closer to the madness.
Rand: Oh, do you think I care what happens to me after today?
Moiraine: When you face him, the fear, the adrenaline-- you'll embrace the One Power whether you want to or not.
Rand: What if I don't?
Moiraine: You will.
Rand: How can you be so sure?
Moiraine: There was an Aes Sedai at the White Tower when I was a novice. She was everything that I wanted to be. She was strong, controlled, precise. She... she was terrifying. And she took a liking to me. She said she wanted to help make me everything that she thought I could be. And I was having... I was having trouble channeling. And she came to my room at night, alone... and she beat me with the One Power. Lashes of air and fire. And she wouldn't stop until the pain and the fear was so overwhelming that I grabbed the Power myself and I stopped her. Without even thinking about it, without even trying. I promise you, when your life's on the line, the Power will be there. And when it comes to you, you channel it into the sa'angreal.

Scene 13: Min's bar[]

Min: Agee, you're gonna want to move.
Egwene: We need some answers.
Agee: Excuse me, sir.
Min: Fancy a drink first?
Perrin: It's not even noon yet.
Min: You're the one in the bar.
Egwene: What did you tell Moiraine about Rand?
Min: People's secrets are their business, no one else's.
Egwene: Can't you at least tell us if he's going to be all right?
Min: It's not how it works, I'm afraid. All I know is that everything I've ever seen, the best things and the worst... they've all come true eventually.
: [skin burning]
: [pained grunting]
: [men screaming]
: What is it?
: [horn blaring in distance]
: [urgent chatter]
: [bell clanging outside]
: ♪ ♪

Scene 14: The Blight[]

: [roaring in distance]
Rand: What is that?
: [roaring continues]
Moiraine: Well, he knows we're coming.
Rand: But Egwene. And Perrin, Nynaeve, they're in the city...
Moiraine: The only way to stop that army is to stop the Dark One himself.
: [roaring in distance]

Scene 15: Fal Dara[]

: I told you their numbers were building.
: How many?
: Our men in the fortress have spotted at least 60 Fades amongst them, so there must be at least 5,000 to 10,000.
: And there are still more Trollocs pouring out of the Blight and gathering at the mouth of Tarwin's Gap.
: I'll bloody skin them myself and burn their goat-kissing hides.
: Are they coming for the city?
: [horn blaring in distance]
: Not yet.
: But two ropes were cut on the drawbridge.
: There are Darkfriends inside our walls.
: [faint roaring in distance]
: [horn blaring in distance]
Agelmar: We need to send our entire force to support the men in the Gap's fortress.
: The Gap won't hold.
: I'll ready my personal guard and move to the fortress.
: You know what you need to do.
: ♪ ♪
: The Gap will not hold.

Scene 16: The Eye of the World[]

Rand and Moiraine stand at the top of a wide opening in the ground. The sides of the opening have many stairs descending. It's old and overgrown, but appears to be man-made.

Rand: This is it, isn't it? I know this place.

Rand begins to descend, but stops and turns back to Moiraine.

Rand: You said that whoever goes with the Dragon to the Eye of the World will die there. Does that include you?

Moiraine doesn't respond.

Rand: Stay.

Moiraine shakes her head and walks past him, descending into The Eye.

Scene 17: Lan[]

Lan runs through The Blight, pursuing Moiraine and Rand.

Scene 18: Fal Dara throne room[]

: [panting]
: Do you remember the first time Father let us help him with his armor?
Agelmar: A thousand Trollocs in the Gap.
: Seemed like there was no chance he would stop them.
: That armor kept him safe through hundreds of battles.
: And his father through hundreds more.
: And his father...
Agelmar: I need my armor today, not theirs.
: You should stay in the city.
: The Gap cannot hold against that force.
: It simply cannot.
: The men will hold the Gap.
: And if we cannot, the women will hold the city.
: It is what our family has done for a thousand years.
Amalisa: What we face today is five times the size of what's come before.
: We cannot...
: You're right, sister.
: You were right all along.
: We should have asked the White Tower for aid long ago.
: Today, Tarwin's Gap will fall.
: And then this city will fall after, no matter what we do.
: And then His armies will pour through the Gap and raze every city we know the name of and more we don't.
: The whole world will burn.
: The Dark One is waking.
: Tarmon Gai'don is here.
: The Last Battle.
: ♪ ♪
: But it is not ours to win, you and I.
: We will slow his forces as much as we can, while our messengers fly in every direction with the Light's speed at their heels.
: Let us hope we buy the women and men of this world enough time to stand a fighting chance.
: I will not let our city fall.
: ♪ ♪

Scene 19: The Eye of the World[]

: [rocks clattering softly]
: ♪ ♪
: [water dripping]
Rand: What was this place?
Moiraine: We have no idea. Every record of its existence was purged from the White Tower's libraries by Darkfriends. You said you remember this place. What do you remember?
Rand: The pieces don't... fit together. It's like... a puzzle. Or a dream. Every time I grab onto something, it just slips away.

Rand looks around the room and sees a vision of the man who visited him in his dream.

Rand: I fought someone here. The Dark One. But it looked like a man.
: It was here.
: In the center.
: There was a symbol.
: This symbol.
: The Eye.
: [gasps softly]

Scene 20: Vision[]

Rand "awakes" at a farm in the Two Rivers.

: [birds chirping]
: [woman and girl laughing]
: [woman speaking playfully]
: [laughing continues]
: [laughs] Oh!
: [Egwene speaking playfully]
Rand: Egwene?
Egwene: You finished already?
Rand: What? Finished?
Egwene: With the lantern. You know Mat's never gonna find time to make a proper one for Joiya, - no matter how many times he says he will.
: [laughs]
: [Egwene laughs]
: [chuckles softly]
: Joiya.
Egwene: You take her for a minute. [sighs]
: I'll finish it.
: She'll only walk for you anyway.
: [Joiya babbling happily]
Egwene: And it's a beautiful day.

In The Eye of the World, Rand has collapsed. Moiraine holds his head in her hands, shaking him gently, trying to wake him.

Moiraine: Rand. Rand. Rand.

The Man suddenly appears before Moiraine.

The Man: What did you think would happen?

Moiraine channels, but the man is faster. He closes a shield around her, and ties a knot with the Power in his hand. Moiraine gasps as he does so.

The Man: [laughing] Must be an awful feeling. To know the One Power is there, just at the end of your fingertips... but you can't quite touch it.

Scene 21: Fal Dara[]

An army of roaring Trollocs approach Tarwin's Gap.

: [horses neighing]
: [horn blaring in distance]
Agelmar: For the Light! And Shienar!
: [men yelling wildly]

Scene 22: Fal Dara[]

: [urgent chatter]
Amalisa: Keep the gates open another hour to allow foreigners to leave, but every Shienaran woman or child stays to fight for our city.
: Take whatever you need from the Royal Armory.
: We leave nothing in reserve.
: I need archers on the North Wall, women ready to burn the bridges when the time comes.
: And light every torch in the city.
: There'll be no shadows to hide a Fade tonight.
: Spread word through the city: Any woman who can channel the One Power, be it even a trickle, I need them.
: Light protect Fal Dara! The city that has never fallen!
crowd: The city that has never fallen!
: The city that has never fallen!

Min jumps on the back of a wagon heading out of the city.

Scene 23: Fal Dara[]

Lord Yakota and Uno Nomesta enter the throne room. Other men move the throne off the dais. Yakota and Uno being breaking apart the rock of the dais.

In the city.

Nynaeve: We have to get out of here.
Egwene: To where? To Rand? We don't even know where he is.
Nynaeve: They're going to close the gates, and then we're trapped in here.
Perrin: We can't just leave them.

Loial approaches.

Egwene: What? What is it?
Loial: They're calling for all women who can channel. To help defend the city.
Nynaeve: I left the Two Rivers to bring the four of you home. I've already lost Mat and Rand. I can't lose you, too.

The trolloc army gets closer to the wall in Tarwin's Gap. In the fortification, Agelmar and his army are ready.

Agelmar: Let them buy every step they take with blood.
: [men shout in unison]
Agelmar: Fire on my command. Ready!

Agelmar and the soldiers aim their crossbows.

Agelmar: May the last embrace of the mother welcome you home.

A Fade leading the Trollocs screams and advances the Trollocs to attack.

Agelmar: Aim!
Agelmar: Fire!
: [squealing]
: [men shouting]
: [horn blaring in distance]

Scene 24: Amalisa's stand[]

Outside Fal Dara, between the city and Tarwin's Gap, Lady Amalisa stands with a Malkieri woman and another Shienaran woman. Nynaeve and Egwene join her.

Amalisa: Moiraine's two. I shouldn't be surprised.
Nynaeve: We're no one's but our own.
: [roaring in distance]

Scene 25: Fal Dara palace[]

Perrin: How can we just sit here while everyone else is willing to fight?
Loial: I'm standing. You might...
Perrin: This is bullshit! All of it! The Way of the Leaf. What are we supposed to do, just watch our friends die?!
Loial: Of course not. There are always options other than violence.
Perrin: What? What can we do?
Loial: In my own experience, if you want to help but don't know how, all you need to do is ask.

Scene 26: Two Rivers farm[]

: [Joiya cooing softly]
Egwene: What is it? What's wrong?

Egwene takes Joiya and lays her in a crib.

Egwene: Rand.
Rand: How long have we lived here?
Egwene: Since we got back from the Eye. What's wrong with you?
Rand: I thought you wanted to go to the White Tower to...
Egwene: No, this is where I want to be. You all right?
Rand: Do you remember... when we were little? We packed a bag and said we were running away. I don't even remember why-- something your mum had said. But it was just you and me. We got as far as the Waterwood. But it started raining, it was getting dark, and we stopped. And we spent the night there. Under a little tree. And in the morning, we weren't as mad as we'd been before, so we went back home. But before we left, we carved something into that tree. Do you remember what it was?
: [Egwene sighs softly]
Egwene: "Our place. For this life and the next. Forever."
Rand: It's you.
: [chuckles softly]
Rand: It's really you.
: [Egwene chuckles]
Egwene: Of course it is.
: ♪ ♪
: [soft whoosh]
: ♪ ♪
The Man: You see? It is her. Or a version of what could be her.
Rand: What do you mean?
The Man: Did no one tell you what you can do? About the Power inside you? You can remake the world in your image. Make it whatever you want it to be. This, if you want. I can show you how.

At The Eye, Moiraine still protectively holds Rand as The Man crouches before her.

The Man: I wonder what he'll choose. Light or Dark?

Moiraine pulls a dagger and presses it to Rand's throat.

Moiraine: You didn't think I'd come here without knowing what I was walking into, did you? We both know you can't escape this place without his help. And if he doesn't choose the Light... I'll choose for him.

Scene 27: Fal Dara throne room[]

Yakota and Uno continue to pry up the floor of the dais.

Armswoman Hallway: Lord Yakota.
Yakota: I said we were not to be disturbed. Glory to the Builders.
Perrin: What can we do?

Uno picks up a pick axe and offers it to Perrin.

Scene 28: Battle outside Fal Dara[]

Trollocs continue attacking Tarwin's Gap. Night is falling.

Amalisa: Light help you, brother.

Trollocs make it up the side of the wall, and begin breaking at the arrowslits. Agelmar shoots one back. And another. A third throws a spear through the opening, impaling Agelmar.

Scene 29: Two Rivers farm[]

The Man: The world... it all feels so stable. The truth is it's not. Everything that means anything can be gone in an instant.

The Man flexes power in his hand and a deep gash opens over Egwene's throat.

Rand: No. No.
The Man: I thought you didn't think she was real.
Rand: Stop it!

Rand tries to stop the bleeding.

Rand: Stop it!

The Man flexes power in his hand and the wound closes, fully healed.

Rand: [whispers] What? [looks around] How do I make it real?

The man smiles.

The Man: Simple. More simple than you could imagine.

In The Eye, the Man walks around. Moiraine's blade is still pressed to Rand's throat. A trickle of blood appears on the blade.

Scene 30: Fal Dara palace[]

Padan Fain: The kingfisher flashes above the pond.
Armswoman Rose: Who gave you those words?
: [screeches]
: [blade slices]
: [screeches]

Scene 31: Fal Dara throne room[]

Uno: There it is.
Perrin: What is it?
Uno: The Horn of bloody Valere, lad.
Yakota: To be blown at the Last Battle. To call the Pattern's greatest heroes to stand at our side.
: [roaring in distance]
Perrin: Well, then let's hurry up and get it.
Uno: We're not going to use it. It's for the Dragon. Without it, they won't stand a chance.

Scene 32: Amalisa's stand[]

Trollocs break through the wall at Tarwin's Gap. A horn blares in the distances.

Amalisa: They're through.
Nynaeve: There must be 10,000, 20.
Egwene: Does this mean Rand... Did he fail?
Amalisa: I need you to open yourselves to me. When I reach out to you with the One Power, accept it. Let me in.

Trollocs charge toward them and the city.

Amalisa: Are you ready?

Amalisa channels through all the women, linking.

Amalisa: By the Light... the Power.
: [women grunting]
: [roaring]

Scene 33: Fal Dara throne room[]

As they continue, Perrin sees Padan Fain in the hallway.

Perrin: Hey. Stop.
Uno: What is it?

Perrin goes after Fain.

Scene 34: Two Rivers farm[]

The Man: Look into her eyes, and empty yourself of everything. Of anger, of fear, of sadness. Turn it all into want. Want that little girl so much she simply is. Yes. There. Now release everything, everything inside you. Let the Power flow through you like you're an open sieve. Don't fight it.

In The Eye, Moiraine still holds the dagger to Rand's throat.

The Man: Well... he's channeling. And you don't even know what he's channeling to do. To break my chains or to strengthen them.

Rand's blood leaks over Moiraine's blade.

Scene 35: Battle outside Fal Dara[]

: [Trollocs roaring]
Amalisa: I need more!
: [women grunting, gasping]

Scene 36: Throne Room[]

Yakota pulls a chest from beneath the dais. A screeching behind him has the men grab for their weapons.

Scene 37: Two Rivers farm[]

The One Power flows through Rand.

The Man: Make her yours. She already was. She already is.

Scene 38: Battle[]

The woman gasp and struggle with the power.

Amalisa: Hold. Hold! Light protect Fal Dara, the city that has never fallen!

As the Trolloc army charges them, Amalisa calls down lightning, decimating the Trollocs.

The Malkieri woman falls, her eyes burnt through from too much power. The One Power linking the women no longer flows through her.

Scene 39: Two Rivers farm / The Eye[]

Rand continues channeling the power. At The Eye, the sa'angreal in his pocket glows with power. Moiraine eyes it.

The Man: What are you doing? No. You can remake the world in your image, boy. Make it what you want.
Rand: What about what she wants? And as much as I love her, as much as I want this, I know that she doesn't.
The Man: No.
Rand: That woman... who doesn't care about being a Wisdom... being an Aes Sedai... that's not the woman I love.

In The Eye, Rand stands up, holding the sa'angreal and breaking out of the vision. Rand channels at The Man, blasting him away, and he smiles as he fade. The blast cracks the stone floor. Rand stumbles back and Moiraine catches him.

Moiraine: What happened?
Rand: I did it.

Scene 40: Fal Dara[]

Perrin walks the halls, looking. He disturbs a bat that flies away. He hears shouting and the swords striking, and he runs toward it, back to the Throne Room.

Perrin: Loial!

In the throne room, Fades are attacking.

Perrin: No!

Yakota, Uno, and the men are down.

Perrin: Padan Fain.

Padan Fain pulls a ruby dagger from Loial's chest, and Loial collapses, bleeding.

Scene 41: Battle outside Fal Dara[]

Amalisa continues channeling. The Trolloc army is dead before them.

Nynaeve: Enough! We stopped them!
Amalisa: I can't let go!

The older woman collapses, eyes burnt out from the power. The One Power no longer channels through her.

Egwene: Nynaeve! I'm burning!
Nynaeve: You have to stop! You're gonna kill us!

Egwene falls, screaming. Nynaeve also collapses.

Amalisa: I can feel the whole world, every breath and gust and stone and life. Everything.

Egwene screams and Nynaeve drags herself to her. Nynaeve grabs Egwene, pulling the power through herself instead.

Nynaeve: To be a woman is to be always alone and never alone.
Egwene: No, no, Nynaeve. What are you doing? No.
Nynaeve: Feel your braid and know that we all stood before you.
Egwene: No.
Nynaeve: We all stand with you.
Egwene: No! No!

Amalisa finally cuts off the flow of power. Her eyes are burnt through from the power, and she collapses. Nynaeve also collapses.

Egwene: Nynaeve!

Scene 42: Fal Dara throne room[]

Fain: You think it's a coincidence that I came to the Two Rivers every Bel Tine?

Padan Fain picks up the chest with the Horn of Velere and sits on the throne.

Fain: That I'd drag myself up to that sheep shit patch of nothing just to sell lanterns?
Perrin: Why?
Fain: You're ta'veren. All five of you, focal points for the Wheel. Usually there's only one, maybe two in a generation, but... five of you in one village. That's what Moiraine saw. What my Lord saw.

At The Eye, Rand walks around the room, eyeing the cracked stone floor.

Outside Fal Dara, Egwene holds Nynaeve, trying to channel.

Egwene: [sobbing softly] Come on.
Fain: That's why we sent the Trollocs, not to kill you. To bring you to him. We need the Dark. We need balance. Balance means that you will turn to the Shadow, some of you. Maybe all of you.

In Tar Valon, it's dark. The streets are empty. Mat walks into the city, looking unwell. He looks up at the White Tower.

At the Eye, Rand picks up his pack.

Moiraine: We can't go back to Fal Dara. Not yet.
Rand: I'm not going back. I felt it. The madness. It's true, isn't it? What they say about men who can channel. That eventually they go so mad they kill everyone they've ever loved.
Moiraine: It is.
Rand: I have a favor to ask you. Just one. Tell them I died here. Tell them I didn't make it back.
Moiraine: I cannot lie.
Rand: You'll work out a way. You owe me that much.
Moiraine: Where will you go?
Rand: Goodbye, Moiraine.

In the Fal Dara throne room.

Fain: Today isn't the end. It's the beginning. You thought he was defeated.

Perrin picks up an axe.

: Ah, there you go. Tiniest push and you choose the Dark. Rand may be the Dragon, but all five of you have a part to play.

Fain leaves with the Fades.

At The Eye, sunlight is coming down on Moiraine, as she sits on the cracked floor looking at a piece of the broken stone. Lan arrives and goes to her.

Lan: You're alive. Where's Rand?
Moiraine: He's gone.
Lan: Unmask the bond. Let me back in.
Moiraine: I can't. The Dark One. He... I can't touch the Source.

Moiraine sobs softly and Lan holds her.

Perrin walks to a balcony. Light is rising. He looks down over the scorched earth of Amalisa's attack.

Egwene still holds Nynaeve, softly sobbing and trying to channel

Egwene: Nynaeve. Come back. [whispers] Come back.

Power flows through Egwene into Nynaeve, and Nynaeve heals. She wakes, coughing. She and Egwene hug.

Outside The Eye, Rand looks back at the Eye and the rising sun. He turns away and heads into The Blight.

At The Eye, Moiraine holds up a broken piece of the shattered stone floor. Lan takes it.

Moiraine: It's cuendillar.
Lan: I thought that heartstone couldn't be scratched. That nothing, not even the One Power, could break it.
Moiraine: So did I.
Lan: What does it mean?
Moiraine: That this wasn't the Last Battle. I fear it was the first.

Scene 43: The far Western shore[]

A small girl digs sand on a beach. She looks out over the water and stands. Birds rush inland overhead. A fleet of ships with red sails approaches.

On one of the ships, four women step out. Two have elaborate face paint, and two have golden gags in their mouths. The women with face paint give a command in a foreign language. The two women with gags channel the power into the water. The water rises into a massive tidal wave, headed for the shore.

End credits.


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