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The Dragon Reborn is the fourth episode of the television series The Wheel of Time. It premiered on Friday, November 26, 2021 on Prime Video.[2]


Official episode synopsis for The Dragon Reborn from Prime Video:[1]

Moiraine struggles with uncertainty while Lan struggles with their new companion. Rand wonders about Mat and Mat starts to wonder at himself. Egwene and Perrin take their first steps down a different path. An incredible new power is unleashed on the world.

Plot summary[]

Cold Open[]

Logain Ablar and his army capture the capitol city of Ghealdan. Logain holds the life of the King in his hands.

Lan Mandragoran, Moiraine Damodred, and Nynaeve al'Meara[]

Lan, Nynaeve, and Moiraine receive rest and food at the Aes Sedai camp, and healing for Moiraine from Kerene Nagashi, the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, who leads the Aes Sedai transporting the captive Logain. Moiraine discovers conflict between Liandrin Guirale of the Red Ajah, who wants to gentle Logain, and Kerene, who insists on returning Logain to Tar Valon for trial. Alanna Mosvani of the Green Ajah is the only other Aes Sedai in the camp strong enough to shield Logain. Liandrin takes a special interest in Nynaeve but she spends most of her time with Lan and the other Warders and continues to grow closer to Lan. Tension builds between Kerene and Liandrin until the camp falls under attack by Logain's followers. Logain breaks free, and when Moiraine, Liandrin, and Kerene attempt to re-shield him, his counterstroke kills Kerene. Stepin, feeling Kerene's death, attempts revenge on Logain but the false Dragon shatters his axes, mortally wounding everyone in the room. Nynaeve, refusing to let Lan die, touches the One Power for the first time and unleashes a massive burst of power, instantly healing everyone in the room. The Aes Sedai link with Liandrin and she captures, shields, then gentles Logain, cutting him off from the One Power forever.

Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere[]

Perrin and Egwene continue traveling with the tinkers after some uncertainty. They learn that the Tinkers follow the Way of the Leaf and are strict pacifists to the point they won't even pick up a weapon. They find themselves being drawn into the peaceful and contented life of the Tuatha'an. Perrin learns that the Way of the Leaf is not always an easy one.

Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Thom Merrilin[]

Rand, Mat, and Thom have fled Breen's Spring, but Rand and Mat still aren't quite sure whether they can trust Thom. They stop at the Grinwell Farm and do some chores in exchange for a bed and a meal for the night. Mat develops a mysterious and unnatural sickness that seems to manifest as darkness itself. Thom is suspicious and reveals to Rand that his nephew, Owyn, could channel and was gentled by the Red Ajah, and killed himself afterward. Rand continues to have strange and unnatural dreams involving the man with eyes and a mouth of fire. Waking in the night, Rand and Thom discover Mat inside the farmhouse holding a long curved dagger with a ruby set in the golden hilt. The Grinwell family is dead, and a Fade is hiding in the shadows. Thom buys time for Rand and Mat to escape.


Cast and characters[]




Other characters:

  • Ishamael
  • Sarai, a Tuatha'an who used to be a hired killer

Mentioned characters:





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"Ayend'an Atha'an'shari'a marath allende'nesodhin an'ara'rhiod" - Nynaeve Al'meara

"We go into the land so that our children can hold us and never be alone" - Lan Mandragoran's translation




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