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The Tar Valon Waygate is the closest Waygate to the city of Tar Valon. It is located in an open plain near the city.



Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, and Loial come to the Waygate, gathering the five Dragons Reborn: Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al'Vere, and Nynaeve al'Meara. Moiraine explains that the Ways is the fastest route to the Eye of the World, where the true Dragon Reborn needs to go at once, telling them that the fate of the world rests on it. Seven of the party of eight enter the Ways after Moiraine opens the Waygate with the One Power, but the Waygate closes before Mat can enter.[1]


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Changes from the book series[]

In the book series, the Tar Valon Waygate is located inside an intact Ogier grove within the city itself, rather than a meadow outside the city. Additionally, Moiraine's party first used the Waygate in Caemlyn when they were forced to go to the Eye of the World.