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Tar Valon (Old Tongue for Tower that Guards) is a city-state in the Westlands, and the seat of Aes Sedai power, making it perhaps the most influential city in the entire known world.[1]


The city of Tar Valon stands on an island that rests in the middle of the River Erinin.[2] The island is eight miles long and two miles wide, and is surrounded by gleaming white walls.[3]

Approximately 500,000 people live on the island of Tar Valon, with a multicultural heritage of all nations of the Westlands.[3]


Tar Valon was built soon after the end of the Breaking of the World. Ogier stonemasons contributed heavily in its construction.[2]

Artur Hawkwing laid siege to Tar Valon, and forced the Aes Sedai to adopt the Three Oaths.[4]

Season 1[]

Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve arrive in Tar Valon after joining the group of Aes Sedai involved in the capture and extrajudicial gentling of Logain Ablar. At the same time, Rand and Mat arrive in the city, and stay in the Light's Blessing Inn. Logain is paraded around the city after his capture, and the people pelt rotten vegetation at him, and are disgusted that he has killed an Aes Sedai, Kerene Nagashi.[5]

After Siuan Sanche returns from Caemlyn, she summons Moiraine, Liandrin Guirale, and Alanna Mosvani to the Hall of the Tower to answer for Logain's gentling. Though the blame falls on Liandrin for leading the group, Moiraine comes under scrutiny for refusing to answer a direct question from the Amyrlin Seat. Moiraine and Siuan, who are still lovers, meet privately, and agree that Moiraine must be exiled in order to fulfil her quest to have the Dragon Reborn defeat the Dark One. Siuan carries out the sentence, and Moiraine gathers Mat, Rand, Nynaeve, Perrin, and Egwene to the Waygate outside the city, where they proceed to the Eye of the World.[6]




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Changes from the book series[]

Tar Valon is an adaptation of the city-state of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • In the first book, Moiraine's party does not make it to Tar Valon, although it is their planned destination. They reunite in Caemlyn instead, before realizing that they must go to the Eye of the World.



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