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Stepin is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Peter Franzén.

Stepin is the Warder of Kerene Nagashi, the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, and he accompanies her for the capture of the false Dragon Logain Ablar. He is a friend of Lan Mandragoran.


Early life[]

Stepin was born in Andor.[1] Growing up, he hated his father, but after his father died, he often got drunk before even going to the bar, and would pick on the weak. Eventually, he started picking on people who could fight back, hoping they would simply stop him. His lifestyle led him to picking a fight with the Aes Sedai Kerene Nagashi, but she laughed at him and bought him a drink. The two eventually became friends, and she eventually asked to bond Stepin when she needed a Warder, an honor that he initially refused, but Kerene would not reconsider.[2]

Stepin continued to train at the White Tower, and became friends with Lan Mandragoran during his training.[1] The only thing he brought from his family to the Tower were a collection of statues that his mother once owned to make offerings in order to ward off the Forsaken.[2] During his service as Kerene's Warder, Stepin became very respected by the other Warders for his many years of duty at her side.[1]

Season 1[]

Stepin is part of the group of Aes Sedai and Warders that have taken Logain Ablar. On the road to Tar Valon, they encounter a wounded Moiraine Damodred, with Lan Mandragoran and Nynaeve al'Meara.[3]

At the Aes Sedai camp, Stepin spars with Lan, who jokes that he is still dropping his shoulder. Lan asks how life is at the Tower, and Stepin replies that there are more problems, with fewer Aes Sedai to handle them. He believes that the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, still dislikes Moiraine. Taking note of Nynaeve, Stepin remarks that he has never understood Lan's taste in traveling companions. Lan denies that she is a companion, but Stepin remarks that Nynaeve is likely as stubborn as a mule. Stepin spots Kerene, asking if Moiraine stepped in for her, believing she is supposed to be shielding Logain, which she confirms.

In Kerene's tent, Stepin tells Kerene that Moiraine will win her over if she isn't careful. Kerene says that she has nothing but respect for Moiraine, but the two start joking about just how stoic and silent Moiraine and Lan can be. Stepin tells her that Liandrin is gaining traction in asking other sisters to gentle Logain without a trial, but Kerene affirms that they will not do so. Stepin brings up the rumors of Reds illegally gentling men across the countryside, but Kerene is sure that Liandrin will not cross the Amyrlin. Stepin notes that the Amyrlin is not there with them, and encourages Kerene to get some rest. She promises him that he will, and notes that he worries more than he used to. Stepin says that he has the time to do so, as he sleeps less often.

In the evening, the Warders and Nynaeve eat dinner by the campfire, joking about Lan's past. Stepin asks Nynaeve how she met Lan, and Lan begins telling them a story, before Nynaeve cuts him off by saying she tracked him, causing everyone to laugh. Nynaeve begins to warm to the Warders, but they fall silent when she states that they "serve" the Aes Sedai, who she dislikes. Stepin tells her that no bond is closer than an Aes Sedai and her Warder, and that Aes Sedai are the true "servants of all" in the Old Tongue. Nynaeve asks what that makes the Warders, and Lan responds that they are proud to serve the Aes Sedai.

The following day, the camp is attacked by Logain's followers, alerting Lan and Nynaeve to their presence when they join the Warders. As battle begins, Stepin feels Kerene being pushed back by Logain in the cave, and urges the others to go to the cave. While he is battling the army, he feels Kerene being killed by Logain through their bond, and feels a surge of grief. Alanna promises to hold the army, and Stepin goes to the cave, seeing Kerene dead on the ground. In his rage, he attacks Logain with his dual axes, but Logain protects himself from the attack with the One Power, before reducing Stepin's axe to shrapnel that grievously wounds many in the cave. Though many are near death, Nynaeve lets out a great burst of the One Power that heals everyone in the room, but it is too late for Kerene, who is already dead. Stepin cradles her dead body, while the other Aes Sedai work to gentle Logain.[4]

Stepin carries Kerene's corpse to be buried in the mass funeral held for her, the King of Ghealdan, and the other combatants, removing her Great Serpent ring from her corpse before she is buried. He begins to sink into a deep state of depression as the group makes their way back to Tar Valon over the following month, though Lan is sure he will make it back to the White Tower to deliver Kerene's ring. After arriving in the city, Stepin takes part in Logain's procession, leading Kerene's horse with her boots facing backwards in its stirrups. Many citizens of Tar Valon are aghast to see that an Aes Sedai has been killed by the False Dragon.

Stepin changes into white mourning clothes as he prepares to take Kerene's ring to be melted. He relates how he met Kerene to the other Warders, and how he completely respected her. As he prepares to take the ring, Lan interjects, asking him to be bonded by another Aes Sedai to ease the pain, but Stepin curtly tells him to ask him how easy it is after he loses Moiraine. He proceeds to complete the ceremony, with a tear rolling down his cheek as he bids farewell to the ring.

He later visits Nynaeve in her room in the Warder's Quarters, asking her for more of her goatstongue tea to help him sleep. She asks about his trouble sleeping, and he tells her that the pain goes away just as he is about to drift off. Nynaeve tells him it is a good thing, but Stepin disagrees, saying that the pain is all that he has left of Kerene, and he is never ready to let go of it. Nynaeve says the pain will never go away, and he thanks her for the goatstongue.

Lan visits Stepin in his room as he is making an offering to ward off the Forsaken, hoping to ward off Ishamael and his lies. Lan promises to stay with Stepin until the morning. They discuss Alanna's offer to bond Stepin, and joke about how it might be unusual at first to be with Maksim and Ihvon in bed if expected. Wishing to change conversation, he asks Lan to speak to him about Nynaeve, about how she touched the One Power for the first time to save Lan's life. Stepin believes Nynaeve is falling for Lan, though the other Warder says it is a bad idea, but Stepin says that love is needed for life to be tolerable.

By morning, Stepin has taken an overdose of goatstongue to numb the pain, and stabs himself in the abdomen to commit suicide. Lan discovers the herb scattered across the room, and is aghast to find Stepin's corpse in the hallway. Stepin's funeral is held in the Warder's quarters, and attended by the Warders, Moiraine, Alanna, and Nynaeve. Lan acts as lead mourner in the funeral, relieving everyone else of their grief.[2]


Kerene Nagashi[]

Stepin has a warm and close relationship with his Aes Sedai, Kerene. He believes that she saved him from a life of misery when she befriended him, and at first, refused her when she asked him to be her Warder, though he insisted. After Kerene's death, Stepin fell into a deep state of depression, and did not want to lose the pain he felt for her loss, which ultimately led to him taking his own life.

Lan Mandragoran[]

Stepin and Lan are friends. When Lan arrives at the Aes Sedai camp, he and Stepin train together. Stepin good-naturedly tells others a funny and humiliating story about Lan trying to tame a horse. Stepin talks to Lan about Lan's interest in Nynaeve, and he can tell that they like each other. When Stepin falls into a deep depression after Kerene's death, Lan stays close to him to support him and ensure he's okay. Lan takes a central role in Stepin's funeral, crying out in grief over Stepin's death.

Maksim & Ihvon[]

Stepin is also friends with Alanna's warders Maksim and Ihvon. They are friendly together around the fire at the Aes Sedai camp. After Kerene's death, Maksim and Ihvon help dress Stepin for the ceremony of returning Kerene's ring. Maksim and Ihvon's Aes Sedai, Alanna, makes the offer to Stepin to bond him as another warder. Stepin considers it, but has trouble moving on from Kerene's death. While chatting with Lan, they discuss Stepin accepting Alanna's offer and, through her, also feeling the bond to Maksim and Ihvon.

Physical appearance[]

Stepin is an adult man with fair skin, light-brown hair, and a short-trimmed beard.


Stepin is considered one of the most talented warriors among the Warders.[1]


Stepin appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes
Season 2 episodes tbd


Do you know what "Aes Sedai" means in the Old Tongue? "Servants of all." It is they who serve the world.


Changes from the book series[]

Stepin is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • Karile - In the novels, Kerene has two Warders, Karile and Stepin. Only Stepin appears in the television series, so it is possible that Stepin has absorbed the role of both Karile as well as the Stepin from the book series.
  • Timeline - Stepin only appears in the prequel novel New Spring Booklink.svg (book spoilers!). However, in the television series, Stepin appears in the present day.
  • Origin - Stepin's nationality is not confirmed in the book series, but in the television continuity, he is described as an Andoran.



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