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Welcome to The Wheel of Time Wiki! Please check out these important pages:

As we prepare for the release of the television series, we are creating stub pages for confirmed characters, episodes, cast, crew, and other elements associated with the series such as locations and first-look items. Please wait until there is verified and relevant information before creating these stub pages, so that there is at least a sentence of topical content, and that the topic will likely grow to a full page of information with the release of the first season.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the wiki admin.

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The goal of The Wheel of Time Wiki is to collaborate with other fans in an attempt to build a reliable and resourceful base of well-detailed information pertaining to the series, in any and all areas such as characters, episodes, stories, and behind the scenes progress.

We are currently housing 460 articles and 1,297 files.

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