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Shadowspawn is the term for creatures of the Dark One.[1] The different forms of Shadowspawn have little in common with each other, except they are entirely bound to the Shadow.


Shadowspawn are dark constructs created by a man who served the Dark One during the Age of Legends.[2]

During the Trolloc Wars, Shadowspawn armies completely obliterated many of the nations of the Westlands, as they fought alongside the Friends of the Dark and Dreadlords in the name of the Shadow.[3][4]

Types of Shadowspawn[]


Trollocs are the most common form of Shadowspawn, and make up an easily controlled and renewable army. They appear as hybrids between humans and animals, with some having attributes of boars, while others have more avian appearances.[5]


Fades are a type of Shadowspawn that is more humanoid and intelligent than the animalistic Trollocs. They are extremely dangerous, and have the ability to command Trollocs to obey their orders.[6]


Draghkar are another rare yet especially dangerous type of Shadowspawn.[7]


Armies of Trollocs and Fades a million strong will wash across the Land, killing and eating every person they find.

Changes from the book series[]

Shadowspawn are adapted from the creatures of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series. (Book wiki contains MAJOR spoilers).