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Shadar Logoth (Old Tongue for Shadow's Waiting) is a prominent ruined city within the borders of Andor.

The ruin was once the great City of Aridhol, the capital of the nation of the same name, and flourished in the period immediately after the Breaking of the World, until it was destroyed during the Trolloc Wars by evil within. The city is a place so dire that not even Shadowspawn will dare to enter it.[1]


Shadar Logoth was once the richest and most powerful cities in the world, but its ruins are now haunted by a shapeless evil known as Mashadar.

It is located in the borders of the present day nation of Andor.[2]


As the great City of Aridhol, Shadar Logoth was one of the greatest and wealthiest cities of the Westlands.

During the Trolloc Wars, Aridhol promised aid to Manetheren, but they betrayed their ally, letting them die after they never sent their forces. When the world needed them most, they built their wall with no gate, locked themselves inside, and let the other nations be destroyed. After the end of the wars, the survivors came to the city, and found that there was no one inside after they broke through the wall. It was believed that evil itself grew from the city's heart, and consumed everyone and everything that lived, being embodied as Mashadar.

The city has been completely abandoned ever since, and not even Trollocs will now enter.


Lan Mandragoran ushers Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere into Shadar Logoth with a wounded Moiraine Damodred to stop the pursuit of Trollocs chasing the potential candidates for the Dragon Reborn. Lan takes the group inside an abandoned building, and tells them not to touch anything or eat any food within the city. However, Mat takes an elaborate ruby-hilted dagger from a box when exploring the city.

Later, Mashadar begins to encroach on the group, and Moiraine wakes, claiming that Lan has killed them all by taking them into the city. One of the group's horses is killed by Mashadar, and the group is forced to split into three. Lan and Moiraine escape through a broken wall, Rand and Mat escape through an underground passageway, and Perrin and Egwene are forced to jump from the city walls into the moat below.


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Behind the scenes[]

Even though Shadar Logoth only features for fifteen minutes, the set was built entirely from scratch. Rafe Judkins explained that the location is so crucial to the story that it was necessary to replicate it in detail.[3]

Changes from the book series[]

Shadar Logoth is an adaptation of the ruin of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • Location - Shadar Logoth is slightly located further to the south and east than it is in the novels, and is located closer to Whitebridge Booklink.svg (book spoilers!).



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