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Severing is the act of permanently cutting off a channeler from the One Power.[1] When done to men, as is often necessary in the Third Age, it is referred to as gentling.[1] When done to women, it is referred as stilling.[2][3]


Aes Sedai law dictates that a man found channeling should be brought to the White Tower to stand trial and then be gentled, cutting him off from saidin. There is a symbolism in this ritual, as the process of gentling is said to prevent the world from another Breaking, because severing a man stops the progression of his madness. It also has a lobotomizing effect, and leaves the once powerful men in near catatonic states until it is said they give up their will to live.[1] However, in the late New Era, the Red Ajah have developed a reputation for illegally gentling men without bringing them to the Tower.[4]

Stilling, meanwhile, is a punishment that can even be given to Aes Sedai as punishment for some gross violation of Tower law.[3]

When a channeler is cut off from the One Power, it induces a severe state of depression, and loss of the will to live. This holds true whether either a male or female channeler is severed.[4]


The Breaking of the World lasted for centuries, and was only ended when the last male Aes Sedai was gentled.[5]

Owyn Merrilin was gentled by the sisters of the Red Ajah after he developed the ability to channel. After losing the will to live, he committed suicide several weeks after he was gentled.[4]

Season 1[]

Liandrin Guirale and sisters of the Red Ajah chase a male channeler near ruins from the Age of Legends, apprehending him with the One Power. When the man calls out to a hallucinatory companion, Liandrin realizes the madness has already taken the man. She mockingly pities him, and says she is being merciful, before she illegally gentles him on the spot.[6]

When the male channeler and False Dragon Logain Ablar is captured by the Aes Sedai, he is to be brought back to Tar Valon to stand trial and be gentled, on the orders of the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche. Liandrin begins to ask the other Aes Sedai if they will consider gentling Logain in the camp, noting that it will be extremely difficult to bring such a powerful male channeler back to the White Tower; however, her proposal is rejected by the mission leader, Kerene Nagashi. Logain's army ends up attacking the Aes Sedai camp, and he is able to break free and kill Kerene with the One Power, and grievously wounds many others with the shrapnel from Stepin's axe. After the Aes Sedai and Warders are Healed by Nynaeve al'Meara, the sisters link together to immediately gentle Logain.[4]


Let the hand of the Tower fall on you, Logain Ablar, and take back that which nature itself does not wish you to hold!

Changes from the book series[]

Severing is based on the concept of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.