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Sarah Nakamura is a research consultant for The Wheel of Time television series. She is an expert on The Wheel of Time book series, and she helps the showrunner Rafe Judkins, the writing team, and other cast/crew members adapt the books to the television series accurately and with acceptable changes.

Nakamura's involvement in the series was announced on October 10, 2018 by Judkins on Twitter.[2]

Nakamura was also credited for her involvement the 2015 short Winter Dragon, which she was not aware of until someone informed her on Facebook.[3]

General overview[]

Nakamura has read the book series over thirty times. According to Judkins, he has "yet to stump her with a question" about the book series.[2] Her work with the writing team includes creating a document "that breaks down every scene in the episode and gives specific dialogue and scene references from the books for it",[4][5] discussing possible changes with Judkins and the writing team,[6] and reviewing scripts and changes made.[7]

Nakamura has been praised by crew members for her help and expertise in adapting the series.[2][8]

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When Rafe Judkins had a Q&A in December 2020 on changes made for the television series, Nakamura submitted a question which Judkins responded to:

Sarah Nakamuara
How many times did i give you blank stares when discussing possible changes?
This one is obviously from Sarah N. There were moments when a thrilled room full of writers would go "we've cracked it! It's amazing! But can 'insert book canon person/place/thing' be 'insert noncanon idea' instead?" And Sarah's resounding, withering stare would tell us to go back to the drawing board. RIP Perrin talking to a bear.

Nakamura explained her involvement with Winter Dragon to fans on Reddit:[3]

I responded to an email asking about a quote, sometime in late December ‘14 to January ‘15. Done. I didn’t know what the quote was used for until someone told me - on Facebook - that my name was in the credits for the production. Boy was that revelation a surprise, believe me! I wasn’t around for development or preproduction or post production on the project for that matter :) However I was invited down to watch the production the day before it was shot. Other prominent members of the WoT community had actually gotten opportunities to pitch an EoTW film treatment to a major studio. I’d never done anything HUGE like that or signed any paperwork, I always felt I was on the outskirts of that group occasionally contacted to get coffee and talk for hours about The Wheel of Time and visual media (I did have to sign an NDA on the WD set that kept everyone from talking about it until after it aired) I knew there was a group of fans that had been involved with the company who made WD so didn’t think anything much of the invite other than it’d be amazing to see a part of Wheel come to life :) That’s it! I hope this answers any lingering questions and perhaps I’ll get an opportunity to talk more about my job one day!

My tattoo says „The Wheel Weaves” and I got it the last time I was in Prague!

On her Ajah affiliation, Nakamura said: "I would say that I’m a Blue with Brownish tendencies :) I made this show my cause!"[9]

From an interview with production designer Ondrej Nekvasil on Nakamura's involvement in The Wheel of Time series:[8]

And to ensure they stay true to the mythology, the show had the help of a researcher who knew the novels inside and out. “She knows the books so well that she’s actually able to tell you that this detail appears in book 3 and in book 10 and in book 8. She was kind of like our Wikipedia of the story, so we could always ask her about this prop,” Neksvasil says. “‘Is it only in this book or do we need it later? Do we have any more description of that? We are in this room. Do we have more description in this chapter?’ She was always very helpful in that.”




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Additional: Isis Mussenden (costume designer)Maria Simons (consultant)Kelly Valentine Hendry (casting director)
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