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The Red Ajah is a division of Aes Sedai. Their mission is to police improper use of the One Power, which primarily involves hunting down mad male channelers.[1]


The purpose of the Red Ajah is to police the misuse of the One Power. Some even make sure that other female channelers, including Aes Sedai, do not misuse the One Power, but their primary purpose is to find and neutralize male channelers, who are destined to go mad due to the Dark One's corruption of saidin in the Third Age. In accordance with Tower law, they are to bring all men who can channel back to Tar Valon to stand trial, but in the late New Era, rumors began to grow that many of the Red Ajah started to illegally gentle men on the spot.[2]

They do not bond Warders, as it is seen as conflicting with their mission to find and gentle male channelers in accordance with Tower law. Overall, they have earned the reputation of disliking men most out of all Ajahs.[3]

Traditionally, the Red and the Green Ajah have a strained relationship in the Tower, as they consider each other to have fundamental differences.[4]

List of known Red sisters[]

Changes from the book series[]

The Red Ajah is adapted from the Ajah of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.


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