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A novice is a female channeler training in the White Tower to become an Aes Sedai.[1]

Novices are the first level of initiates in the White Tower. Those who can proceed to the next level of training become Accepted, who in turn are raised to Aes Sedai if they can master a test involving one hundred weaves.[2][3]


Novices receive instruction from the Aes Sedai on a range of topics, including history, and instruction in the One Power.[4][5]

Some novices are considered too weak in the One Power to ever be raised to Accepted or Aes Sedai.


Moiraine Damodred, Siuan Sanche, and Alanna Mosvani trained together as novices. As a novice, Moiraine slept with a dog named Jenny every night.[1]

Season 1[]

After learning of Nynaeve al'Meara's incredible channeling abilities, Liandrin Guirale is insistent that she must become a novice as soon as she reaches the White Tower. Moiraine keeps Nynaeve in the Warder's Quarters to keep her away from the prying eyes of other sisters.[6] Due to being one of the potential candidates for the Dragon Reborn, Nynaeve and Egwene leave the city without being enrolled as novices, being taken to the Tar Valon Waygate by Lan Mandragoran and Loial after Moiraine's exile.[7]

During this time, several novices also observe Logain Ablar being paraded around the city, following his capture and gentling.[6]

Changes from the book series[]

Novices are adapted from the rank of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.


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