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Natti Cauthon is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Juliet Howland.

Natti is the wife of Abell Cauthon and the mother of Mat, Bode, and Eldrin.[1] She is a drunkard from one of the poorest families in the Two Rivers.[2]


Early life[]

Natti was born and raised in the Two Rivers. She married Abell Cauthon, one of the poorest men in the region, and had one son, Mat. Later, she had twin daughters, Bode and Eldrin. As a drunkard, Natti often neglected her young daughters, and Mat often had to look out for himself and his sisters. Her marriage to Abell began to completely fall apart after he grew a reputation as a philanderer.[3][2]


Season 1[]

On Winternight, Natti leaves her daughters at home and heads to the Winespring Inn. Mat finds her drunk, and asks what she is doing, and she tells him she is doing the same thing as anyone else. After Mat asks where his father is, Natti angrily looks to Abell flirting with another woman, furious at his open adultery in front of the entire village. Asking who is looking after his sisters, Mat urges his mother to return home. Though she first refuses, Mat ends up carrying her back home in a drunken stupor. When her daughters ask about her health, she starts to hurl profanity at them, though is cut off by Mat. As she lies down, Natti tells Mat that he will turn out a "damn prick" like his father.[2]

During the Shadowspawn attack on Bel Tine, Abell and Natti hide home. When Mat arrives, Bode and Eldrin are nowhere to be seen, and he angrily asks where they are, though Natti frantically claims they had been here until Mat arrived. Her son ventures out to the village while the attack rages on to find his sisters. After the Shadowspawn have been defeated, Mat returns with his sisters, and Natti rushes to embrace Bode and Eldrin.[2]

Mat proceeds to leave the Two Rivers after the Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred tells him he may be the Dragon Reborn.[2] Though he worries about Bode and Eldrin being neglected after he leaves, Perrin reassures him that his own parents, as well as Rand's father and Egwene's parents, will likely be checking on Abell and Natti.[4]


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You're going to be just like your dad. I know it. Damn prick like him.

Natti to Mat.[2]

Changes from the book series[]

Natti Cauthon is based on the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • Reputation: Natti is not an alcoholic in the book series. She is a rather respectable and intelligent woman who uses Bode and Eldrin to spy on Mat, and appears to be part of the Women's Circle.



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