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Maria Simons is an American book editor. From 1996, she worked as an editorial assistant to Robert Jordan and Harriet McDougal. Simons has helped review several potential changes to storylines in the television series.

General overview[]

Simons knew both Jordan and McDougal through family and friends, and started working for Jordan in 1996 after a chance encounter between her husband and McDougal on the street. She mainly helped with fan-mail and filing, but helped organize his notes from the seventh novel, A Crown of Swords Booklink.svg, and began editing from the eighth novel, The Path of Daggers Booklink.svg. After Jordan passed away, Brandon Sanderson relied heavily on Maria and her fellow editorial assistant, Alan Romanczuk.[1]

Along with Harriet McDougal and Alan Romanczuk, Simons is credited as the editor and co-author of Jordan's posthumous book The Wheel of Time Companion Booklink.svg, which was released in 2015.

Rafe Judkins has stated multiple times that Simons has been a huge help on adapting The Wheel of Time book series for television, saying that Simmons and McDougal have been "hugely helpful for maintaining the truth of the series and always keep [Judkins] honest when it comes to things that change too much".[2] Along with McDougal and Sanderson, Judkins said that Simmons has "been [a] huge [help] in checking [the writing team] and helping [them] go back to the drawing board on changes" and also approving changes.[3]




  • Simons is famous among fans for her poker face when asked about the series, especially concerning potential spoilers when the series was still being released.[1]
  • Her knowledge of the book series is extremely extensive. In response to the popular phrase "RAFO" (Read and Find Out) when Jordan was asked about future events of the series, a variant was coined: MAFO (Ask Maria and Find Out).


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