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Loial son of Arent son of Halan is a character in The Wheel of Time portrayed by Hammed Animashaun.

Loial is an Ogier staying at the Light's Blessing Inn in Tar Valon where he meets Rand al'Thor in the inn's library.


Early life[]

Loial was born in Stedding Shangtai. As Ogier age slowly, he would likely be considered rather old in human years. Curious to leave the outside world, he eventually left the stedding to see the human world. He became familiar with how humans could often be shocked to see Ogier, and was chased by a mob the first day he arrived in Tar Valon.[1][2]

Season 1[]

While staying in the Light's Blessing Inn in Tar Valon, Loial encounters Rand al'Thor in the library reading the Karaethon Cycle. When alerted to Loial's presence, Rand draws his heron-mark sword on him, to which Loial chuckles, believing that humans are very excitable, and telling Rand about his experience the first day in Tar Valon. When he talks about leaving the stedding, Rand realizes that he is an Ogier, and sheaths his blade. Loial says that it is a pleasure to meet an Aielman, but Rand insists that he is from the Two Rivers. However, Loial simply says that Rand must be an Aielman from the Two Rivers, and that he likes "oddities." The two later speak of The Travels of Jain Farstrider, and Rand explains how his friend used to read it every day. Rand hears Logain Ablar being paraded through the city, and explains he has to leave, and Loial chuckles that humans are always in a hurry. Afterwards, Loial goes to the White Tower grounds and finds Rand's friend, Nynaeve, believing she is the friend Rand spoke of due to her Two Rivers braid. He takes Nynaeve back to the inn, and sees the two friends reunite.[1]

Moiraine Damodred spots Loial heading to the Light's Blessing Inn, leading her to the location of Rand and Mat. Moiraine and Lan later formally introduce themselves to Loial, apologizing for the abruptness of the message, and discuss a solution to a crisis that the Wheel has presented them with. He promises to come to the Tar Valon Waygate outside the city, and arrives there after Moiraine's exile from the White Tower.

He joins Moiraine's party and enters the Ways with six of the seven others, and bears witness to Mat being left behind when the Waygate closes.[3] When Nynaeve and Egwene consider channeling to open the Waygate again to get Mat, Loial warns them of the danger of Machin Shin within the Ways. Despite the slow nature of the Ogier, Loial is determined to get going within the Ways, and does not explain it further. As the party traverses the Ways, Loial is wistful for the days when they were a time of lush vegetation and beauty, warning them of the danger again. When they come across a Guiding Stone, Loial is shocked to see that it has been defaced. He can still read the writing, but asks for the party's patience, and they camp for the night while he figures out the correct path.

During the night, the party is attacked by a Trolloc in the Ways, and Egwene (and Rand, unknowingly to everyone else) channels to defeat it. Loial is shocked, and they begin to explain that the Black Wind is now coming after them. Loial confirms that they are now closer to Fal Dara, and the party rushes through the Ways, reaching the Waygate just as Machin Shin catches up to them. Loial and the others are engulfed by the Black Wind, but Nynaeve holds it off with a surge of channeling, giving Moiraine enough time to open the Waygate, and they exit to find themselves outside Fal Dara. Loial joins the others in coming to the fortress-city's keep, where Lord Agelmar Jagad is somewhat standoffish at first, but later welcomes the group to the city.[4]

Moiraine and Rand leave to the Eye of the World together after learning that the latter is the Dragon Reborn. Loial and the remaining Two Rivers youths go to Min Farshaw's bar for answers, but have no success. They realize that the city is under the imminent threat of a Shadowspawn attack, and Loial encourages Nynaeve and Egwene to answer the call for female channelers. Finding Perrin panicking in the keep, he encourages the young man to ask how he can help, and they find Uno Nomesta and Lord Yakota unearthing the Horn of Valere for the Last Battle. However, Loial, Uno, and Yakota are attacked by the Darkfriend Padan Fain with a ruby-hilted dagger from Shadar Logoth, who steals the Horn from them.[5]


Physical appearance[]

Loial is an Ogier,[6] a species who are much taller and larger than humans. He has dark skin, brown eyes, and ginger hair.


Loial appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes
Season 2 episodes tbd


Always in such a rush, these humans. Never taking time to properly prepare for what they're walking into.
— Loial after Rand leaves, 1.05 Blood Calls Blood


Changes from the book series[]

Loial is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series. Some changes:

  • Size - Ogier are much larger than humans in the books. This is a practical change, to limit the excessive cost of special effects.
  • Facial features - In addition to broad noses and wide lips, they have long tufted ears, and eyes the size of teacups. Ogier ears are a secondary erogenous zone, and thus are not talked about in polite company. Due to their size and inhuman facial features, the uneducated often mistake them for Trollocs, which they find mildly offensive.



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