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Logain Ablar is a recurring character in The Wheel of Time. He is portrayed by Álvaro Morte.

Logain is a dangerous male channeler who claims to be the Dragon Reborn.[2][3] After building an army of followers, he is captured by Aes Sedai.


Early life[]

Logain was born to lesser nobility in Ghealdan. According to Elusha Salid and a disembodied male voice, he was "betrayed" by his parents and sister at some point in his life.

When he developed the ability to channel, he proclaimed himself to be the Dragon Reborn. The lords of Ghealdan subsequently stripped Logain of his noble status, but he had enough charisma to raise an army from the local peasantry. He spread from province to province, recruiting young men hoping to become heroes if they joined the Dragon in the Last Battle.[4]

Logain's conquests brought him to the keep of the King of Ghealdan himself, where he successfully fought off soldiers trying to apprehend him using the One Power, before reaching the monarch. The king told Logain that he would never take the throne from him, but Logain responded that the Dragon Reborn had no need of a crown. The king then told him that he had sent the Aes Sedai to come for him, but he responded that people were worried that the Dragon would break the world again, instead of saving it. As Logain began to fight the whispers of Elusha Salid and a man's voice who urged him to kill the king, the sovereign noted that Logain had already been taken by madness. However, Logain resisted the temptation to do so, and disarmed the king with the One Power instead of killing him when he was attacked, and Healed his wounds using the One Power. When he stated that there was a place for anyone at his side, even his enemies, the king ended up declaring for Logain as the Dragon Reborn.[5]

He was later captured by the Aes Sedai, when the group of sisters led by Kerene Nagashi crept into his camp and shielded him as he slept. His ears were plugged with weaves of air to deafen him from the Aes Sedai's conversations. After he caged, his army began to disperse. He had his ears plugged by weaves of air[5]

Season 1[]

The White Tower sends eight sisters against Logain, led by Kerene Nagashi, the General of the Green Ajah.[6][7] He is eventually captured by Kerene's force of Red and Green sisters. On the road to Tar Valon, Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, and Nynaeve al'Meara come across a caged Logain guarded by the Aes Sedai.[8]

Logain is taken back to a cave near the Aes Sedai camp, where he is shielded in pairs by the three strongest Aes Sedai of the mission: Kerene Nagashi, Alanna Mosvani, and Liandrin Guirale, although Moiraine is also strong enough to shield him when she arrives. The four women take turns shielding him, and are surprised to see just how much raw strength Logain has. Liandrin urges the other sisters to consider immediately gentling him, as it will pose too much of an issue to shield him until they make it to the White Tower, but Kerene is determined to follow the proper procedure, per the orders of the Amyrlin Seat.

Logain's army attacks the Aes Sedai camp, wishing to free him. As they arrive, Logain uses his full strength to break free of the shield, and pushes back Kerene and Liandrin to the walls of the cave, knocking them unconscious. When Moiraine arrives, she offers him a chance to plead his case to her as to why he believes he is the Dragon Reborn. Logain affirms that the voices in his head are thousands of previous Dragons, and that the Wheel is guiding him to do better each time, but Moiraine responds that the Wheel cannot want anything. As the other women regain consciousness, Moiraine tells him that the voices are the whispers of madness, and tells him that his power is a pinprick against the raging sun of the Dragon Reborn. He is pushed back by Kerene, and the three Aes Sedai shield him once more. However, Logain reaches for the One Power, and impales Kerene through the chest with a weave as she diverts her shield to protect Moiraine and Liandrin. Liandrin grows furious after he has killed one of the Aes Sedai, and is on the edge of burning up as Kerene's Warder, Stepin, enters the cave. He attacks Logain with his dual axes, but Logain shields himself and reduces the weapon to shrapnel that grievously wounds many within the cave. With many on the brink of death, Logain bears witness to Nynaeve sending forth an extremely powerful wave of Healing that mends all wounds of those still alive, with Logain remarking that she is "like a raging sun." At that moment, Liandrin has the Aes Sedai to link with her, and immediately gentles Logain, with tears streaming down his face as he is cut off from the One Power.[5]

After being gentled, Logain is no longer caged or shielded. He is initially taken to Tar Valon on horseback, with shackles around his wrists and neck to restrain him. Following his arrival in the city, Logain is placed back into a cage to be taken through the city as part of the procession for the Aes Sedai's return. During the procession, the denizens jeer and throw vegetables at him. Mat and Rand sit on a balcony to watch, and Mat sees Logain looking at him and laughing maniacally.[9]

When the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, returns from Caemlyn, she summons Logain to the Hall, and orders his chains be removed as he now poses no threat. When she begins to address him, Logain mocks the Aes Sedai for their weakness, and gloats about killing Kerene, claiming the people will remember how he stood against the Aes Sedai. However, Siuan sees through Logain, and tells him that he will not find the release of death if he seeks it, judging him to live out the rest of his days watched and studied until he loses himself to madness, serving as an example to all False Dragons and male channelers. As he is dragged away, Logain begs to be killed. However, Siuan later reprimands the sisters involved in his gentling for their extrajudicial actions.[10]


Logain is an extremely strong male channeler. He is stronger than all known Aes Sedai, and Alanna considers his great strength to be the sign of the end of the Age, although Moiraine believes that his power is still less than the true Dragon Reborn shall have. However, he later loses the One Power after he is gentled.

He also has a great sense of willpower, as he is able to push back against the voices urging him to kill in favor of a more amenable approach. His great sense of charisma led to him amassing thousands of followers supporting him as the Dragon Reborn.

Physical appearance[]

Logain is an adult man of about thirty. He has medium-fair skin, brown eyes, dark shoulder-length hair, and a short-trimmed beard.


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The others will be here soon, so we don't have much time to talk. Why should I believe you're the Dragon Reborn?
I can hear them when I channel. All of them. Whispers of a thousand Dragons that preceded me, a thousand lives... I've led. And they're teaching me how to do better this time. Isn't that why the Wheel turns our spirits out again and again? To learn.
The Wheel doesn't want anything. It can't. Any more than a river or the rain can want something. It's people who want.
— Logain and Moiraine, 1.04 The Dragon Reborn



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Changes from the book series[]

Logain Ablar is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series. Changes include:

  • Gentling: After being caught by Aes Sedai, Logain does not successfully break free in the book series. He is taken to Tar Valon where he stands trial and is gentled there.
  • Expanded role: Logain's role in the TV series is expanded early on compared to the book series. One of the reasons he was brought up earlier in the television series was to show the consequences of a man using the One Power.[11]
  • Madness: Logain's madness is not depicted in the books, and the personas that speak to him are unique to the television series.
Rafe Judkins on Logain's expanded role
Logain is a really important character in the books that we wanted to bring up earlier in the show and more fully in this first season than he was in the first book. He's the first man we really meet using the One Power, and so to see him play a bigger role in the TV show lets us show what it means for a man to use the One Power instead of you just having to read a big description of what it means in the books or a story about it in the books. We can actually show it on the screen and you can understand the consequences of it.
— Rafe Judkins[11]



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