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Liandrin Guirale is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Kate Fleetwood.

Liandrin is a Taraboner Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah famed for her dedication to hunting down male channelers.[1][2]


Early Life[]

Liandrin was born in Tarabon to an impoverished family, though learned to imitate the mannerisms of the wealthy elite to cover her low status. After discovering that she could channel the One Power, she studied at the White Tower, joining later than most girls, though was a quick learner.

She was eventually raised to Aes Sedai, choosing to join the Red Ajah, and became known for her dedication to hunting down male channelers and bringing them to the Tower to be gentled.[2]


Season 1[]

Liandrin rides after a young male channeler on horseback with her sisters of the Red Ajah, channeling Earth in her attempt to slow his advance. The man begins to call out to an imaginary accomplice, and Liandrin asks who he is talking to, before realizing that he has already been taken by madness. She tells the man that the One Power is a gift meant for women, and that he is making it filthy by touching it. She mockingly pities the male channeler by telling him she is doing him a favor, and proceeds to illegally gentle him on the spot.[3]

Liandrin is among the eight sisters sent by the White Tower to apprehend the False Dragon Logain Ablar in Ghealdan. The Aes Sedai capture Logain in the night by creeping into his camp and shielding him as he sleeps.[4] Afterwards, Liandrin encounters a wounded Moiraine Damodred on the road to Tar Valon, accompanied by Lan Mandragoran and Nynaeve al'Meara.[5]

The Aes Sedai and Moiraine's party make camp, and Liandrin and Alanna Mosvani shield Logain within a cave. Kerene Nagashi escorts Moiraine to the site, and Liandrin explains how they captured the False Dragon. Liandrin opines that as he is worse than most men who can channel, and that he tried to march on the Tower, he ought to be immediately gentled, but Kerene commands her to follow the orders of the Amyrlin Seat and bring him to the White Tower to stand trial. Moiraine offers to take over Kerene's planned shift, and puts a shield in place before Liandrin can drop hers.

Intrigued by Moiraine and Lan's companion, Liandrin approaches Nynaeve as she overlooks the camp. Knowing that Liandrin must want something, Nynaeve says she will only answer Liandrin's questions if she tells her about Moiraine. She explains their past to Nynaeve, as well as the purpose of the Red Ajah, inviting Nynaeve to join the Red Ajah tent if she desires, before departing as Lan approaches.

When Kerene and Liandrin take over from Moiraine and Alanna's shift, Kerene approaches her about Liandrin's attempt to convince others to gentle Logain without a trial. Liandrin points out how strong Logain is, and how much of a burden he will pose on the road to Tar Valon, but Kerene reaffirms her dedication to White Tower law, and how Liandrin, as a Red, ought to be the one remembering the proper legal procedure.

Later, Kerene alerts Liandrin to her wards reacting to the approach of Logain's army. Logain breaks free of the cage, and sends the two Aes Sedai flying, knocking them unconscious. She awakes to find Logain approaching Moiraine, and all three women begin shielding him again. Logain strikes out, and Kerene diverts her shield to protect Moiraine and Liandrin before she is impaled by the One Power and killed. Enraged by the loss of Kerene, Liandrin begins to draw on the One Power to the point that she risks burning out, before Stepin enters the cage and strikes Logain with his dual axes, greatly grieving the loss of Kerene. Logain shields himself from the attack, and shatters Stepin's axe into shrapnel, which he sends flying at everyone in the room. Liandrin is pierced in the chest, but regains her strength when Nynaeve sends an incredibly powerful blast of channeling through the cave, which Heals everyone. Liandrin immediately gets the other Aes Sedai to link with her, and they gentle Logain on the spot.[4]

Liandrin attends the mass funeral held for Kerene, the King of Ghealdan, and the other combatants, and makes her way to Tar Valon over the following month. After arriving back in the city, she stands watch over Logain as he is paraded through the city. Many of the disgusted citizens of Tar Valon throw vegetables at him, and Liandrin is hit by a radish. The people are appalled to see that Kerene has been killed by Logain when they see her boots riding backwards in the stirrups of her horse.

Liandrin finds Nynaeve in the Warder's Quarters, and explains the symbolism of the statues. Nynaeve remarks that Reds do not have Warders, which she affirms, and the other woman goes on to say that Reds hate men. Liandrin chuckles softly, and says that some of her sisters do, resenting the various men across the world who enforce their power over women, but changes topic, telling Nynaeve where she can find the library and the gardens, and enthusiastically remarks that the persimmons are in season. Later, she finds Moiraine in the hallways, discussing her prolonged absence from the Tower, and commenting that Moiraine looks somewhat worse for wear. Liandrin remarks that it is a shame that Moiraine will not be there to guide Nynaeve when she becomes a novice, and thinks that Nynaeve will choose Red over Yellow as she has a certain force of will to make the world obey for rules. Moiraine remarks that Nynaeve does not hold any contempt for men, and asks her to look elsewhere for converts.[6]

Upon the Amyrlin Seat's return to Tar Valon from Caemlyn, Liandrin and the others involved in Logain's gentling are called to the Hall of the Tower. After she judges Logain to be imprisoned for the rest of her life, she tells Liandrin, Alanna, and Moiraine to stay behind, reminding them that the man deserved a fair trial. Liandrin explains that the man was the most powerful that has ever been seen, and that he is lucky to be alive; but Siuan reminds her of the need to shield first, gentle second, and kill last of all. She is defended by Alanna and Moiraine, but Siuan judges that Liandrin is at fault for leading the gentling, and shall think on a penance. Liandrin begins to question Moiraine's motives, such as what she was doing with such a powerful channeler as Nynaeve on the road, mentioning that she is the most powerful woman seen in a thousand years and more powerful than the Amyrlin. Liandrin goes on to speak of Moiraine's constant absences from the Tower, questioning why she did not provide reports about Logain's army, or the Trolloc attack on the Two Rivers; Maigan states that it is Blue business, but Liandrin asks her whether she is suggesting Siuan favors Moiraine due to being raised from the Blue. Siuan makes Moiraine answer Liandrin's question, but she refuses, and is to be punished for her intractability. Outside the Hall, Liandrin tells Moiraine that she knows she only defended her because it was for her own benefit.

When Moiraine and Lan are speaking of preparations, Liandrin approaches, revealing she knows that Moiraine met Mat Cauthon in the Light's Blessing Inn the previous day, and says that he and his companion Rand are both from the Two Rivers. She also reveals that she knows that two others from the Two Rivers (Perrin and Egwene) have been healed by sisters of the Yellow Ajah, wondering aloud if the Amyrlin would like to know the connection. However, Moiraine tells her to never mention it again, threatening to otherwise expose Liandrin's meetings with a man in Northharbor.[7]


Moiraine Damodred[]

Liandrin and Moiraine have a complicated relationship. They used to be close, but have grown distant with time.[8]

Physical appearance[]

Liandrin is a fair-skinned woman with blonde hair. She has high cheekbones, and regularly dresses in the color of her Ajah.


Liandrin Guirale appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes
Season 2 episodes tbd


Let the hand of the Tower fall on you, Logain Ablar, and take back that which nature itself does not wish you to hold!


  • In the audition scripts, Liandrin was named "Leona".[1][9]

Changes from the book series[]

Liandrin is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.




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