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Lews Therin Telamon, known as The Dragon, was a male channeler who led a group of male Aes Sedai in an attempt to cage the Dark One during the Age of Legends.[1]



Born in the Age of Legends, Lews Therin was a channeler, and thus became an Aes Sedai. He was recognized as the Dragon Reborn of his Age.[2]

During his life, the Aes Sedai entered a great war with the Dark One and His forces after He was able to touch the world. Lews Therin proposed a plan to Latra Posae Decume, the Tamyrlin Seat, about how they could cage the Dark One, but she rejected him, fearing that it would expose the One Power to the Dark One, and allow Him to corrupt it.[2]

Despite Latra's ruling, at some point, Lews Therin and ninety-nine male Aes Sedai attempted to cage the Dark One. Although they managed to seal Him away, saidin was corrupted by the Dark One's touch.[1][3]

After saidin was corrupted, Lews Therin lost his mind. He murdered his wife, his children, his friends, and his court. None from his bloodline was left alive.[4] The Dark One only released Lews Therin from his madness to show him what he had done.[3] In a moment of horrified realization, the Dragon drew more of the One Power that he could hold, creating a bar of white-hot energy. The pillar vaporized the Dragon, and the powerful blast split open the Earth, breaking the crust and creating the volcanic eruption of Dragonmount.[4]

His actions would lead to the ongoing Breaking of the World, and the end of the Age of Legends.[3]


Throughout the next Age, the Third Age, it was known that Lews Therin would one day be reborn, and that the Dragon Reborn would have great power, and be fated to either save the world, or destroy it.[1]

On 2 Danu 978 NE, Lews Therin was reborn as Rand al'Thor on Dragonmount.[1][5] In 979 NE, Moiraine Damodred began her quest to personally search for the Dragon Reborn across the Westlands.[1]

After Rand realizes that he is the Dragon Reborn, he begins to experience vague memories from Lews Therin's life.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Lews Therin was a dark-skinned man with cropped hair.


Lews Therin appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes m m m m m m
Season 2 episodes tbd


Lews Therin lost his mind. He murdered his beloved wife. He slew the children she bore him. His friends. His court. Everyone. The Dark One released Lews Therin from his madness just to show him what he had done.

Changes from the book series[]

Lews Therin is an adaptation of Lews Therin Telamon Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.




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