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Laila Dearn is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Helena Westerman.[1][2][3]

Laila is a diligent blacksmith in Emond's Field, and is a member of the Women's Circle. She is the wife of Perrin Aybara.[4]


Early life[]

Laila was born and raised in the Two Rivers. She was Perrin's childhood sweetheart growing up. When she was old enough, she had her hair braided and joined the Women's Circle. Perrin proposed to her on the same day that Rand and Egwene got together for the first time, and they were soon married.[5] The couple soon took over as the blacksmiths of the Two Rivers.[6]

She often said that she only made tools, not weapons. She once made a knife for Mat Cauthon, primarily as a tool, though she told him that he might indeed have to defend a loved one someday, and that it might be Perrin.[7] By the end of winter in early 998 NE, there was tension beginning to grow in Perrin and Laila's marriage.[4][5]

Season 1[]

Though she is part of the Women's Circle, she does not attend Egwene al'Vere's ceremony on Winternight. While Perrin is at the Winespring Inn that evening, Nynaeve al'Meara suggests that he check on Laila. He does so, and finds Laila working hard at their blacksmith forge. He hugs her and tells her that he loves her, and she tells him that she knows. On the morning of Bel Tine, Laila wakes up and embraces Perrin as he sleeps.

When the village is attacked by Shadowspawn, Perrin and Laila lock themselves inside the smithy. Perrin orders Laila to leave, though she stays behind to fight the Trollocs with a hammer. While desperately fighting a Trolloc, Perrin hears a sound behind him, and swings his axe back, assuming another Trolloc is ready to attack him. However, he accidentally strikes Laila in the abdomen. Losing a great among of blood, Perrin holds her, begging her to stay with him until she dies. The next morning, Perrin carries Laila's body out to lay with the other dead by the village green. It is believed that she was directly killed by the Trollocs.[4]

Perrin later has a nightmare about Laila while camping in the Caralain Grass. He wakes in bed alone, and goes looking for her, which leads him into the forge. Laila is dead, and a wolf is eating her entrails, but she turns to look at Perrin with fogged eyes, telling him that she knows what he did.[8] Perrin's guilt over his wife's death leads to him being intrigued by the Way of the Leaf when he meets the Tuatha'an, who are sure that violence can only lead to misfortune, though he later comes to the conclusion that violence can be necessary in self-defense.[9][10]

The truth of Laila's death is revealed when Perrin and Egwene are captured by the Children of the Light, with Perrin claiming that he deserves to be the one killed by Valda for what he did. However, Egwene tells him that it was simply a horrible accident, and he begins to take the first step to coming to terms with Laila's death.[11] In the Ways, Machin Shin torments Perrin with his guilt over loving another woman more than his wife, insinuating that he killed her to get her out of the way, and in Fal Dara, Rand suggests that Perrin only married Laila because Egwene was with Rand, but the youths from the Two Rivers later move past the tension.[5]


Laila is married to Perrin Aybara. When Laila seems troubled and works herself too hard at the forge, Perrin goes to see her and comforts her. He tells her that he loves her, and she responds that she knows.

Physical appearance[]

Laila has blonde hair that she wears in a braid. She has scars on her forearms.


Laila appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes m m m
Season 2 episodes tbd


Perrin: I love you.
Laila: I know.


  • Laila's credited name is Laila Dearn rather than Laila Aybara, indicating that she did not take her husband's surname when married.
  • Actress Helena Westerman was present at the first table-read in September 2019, although her character was not officially revealed.[1] Her agency profile listed her character name as "Laila Aybara", but this was later removed.[2] Westerman's involvement in the series was later confirmed on March 8, 2020 when showrunner Rafe Judkins made an Instagram post for International Women's Day that included Westerman's photo.[12]


Changes from the book series[]

Laila Dearn is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series, later Laila Lewin.

  • Marriage: Laila does not marry Perrin in the book series, though she was infatuated with him when they were younger. She later marries Natley Lewin Booklink.svg (book spoilers!), and has a child with him.
  • Death: Laila does not die on Winternight or Bel Tine, and is still alive at the end of the book series.



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