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Kerene Nagashi is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Clare Perkins.

Kerene Nagashi is a Kandori Aes Sedai, and serves as the Captain-General of the Green Ajah. Her Warder is Stepin. Kerene leads the capture of Logain Ablar, a powerful and dangerous male channeler.[1]


Early life[]

Kerene was born in Kandor. She studied at the White Tower in Tar Valon, and was eventually raised to Aes Sedai, choosing the Green Ajah.

Eventually, Kerene became the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, thus becoming the leader of the Aes Sedai whenever they go to war, against either Shadowspawn or rogue channelers.[2][3] She encountered an Andoran man named Stepin when he tried to pick a fight with her in his drunken depression after his father's death, but Kerene only laughed at him, and bought him a drink. The two became friends, and when Kerene needed a Warder, she asked Stepin to fulfil the position. He initially believed he was not worthy of the honor, but Kerene insisted, and they were bonded.[4]

She was sent to head the force against the False Dragon, Logain Ablar, and the Aes Sedai under Kerene successfully captured him by creeping into his camp and shielding him as he slept, before taking him back to Tar Valon to stand trial, as per the orders of the Amyrlin Seat.[5]

Season 1[]

When Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve find the Aes Sedai transporting Logain, Kerene is one of the Aes Sedai shielding Logain from channeling.[6]

The Aes Sedai set up camps in the woods, with Kerene setting wards to alert them if anyone approaches. Kerene Heals Moiraine from her Trolloc-poisoned wound in her tent. Moiraine gasps, and thanks Kerene, who appears to be strained as she pours Moiraine a cup of water from a pitcher. Moiraine is surprised that Healing one wound has strained her, but Kerene explains that it is from shielding Logain. Moiraine asks to see the False Dragon, and Kerene escorts her to the cave where they are holding Logain. She explains that he has thousands of true believers following him, and that among the Aes Sedai, only Liandrin, Alanna, and herself are strong enough to shield him, and they have to work in pairs. When Liandrin suggests that his sheer strength means that he ought to be gentled immediately, Kerene affirms her commitment to the Amyrlin's orders to bring him to the Tower for trial.

Moiraine states that she has gained enough strength to take over from Liandrin's shift in Kerene's place, and the Captain-General guides her to place a new shield before Liandrin drops hers. After she departs, she walks by the courtyard where Stepin is practicing with Lan, and nods when he asks if Moiraine took over for her. The duo return to Kerene's tent, where they joke about the stoic demeanor of both Moiraine and Lan. When Stepin brings up Liandrin pushing others to gentle Logain immediately, and rumors of Reds illegally gentling men, she opines that not even Liandrin will cross the Amyrlin, but Stepin is not sure. He asks her to get some rest, and Kerene tells him not to worry so much about her.

Kerene and Moiraine later share a shift in keeping the shield on Logain, though they sit in silence for the most part. Liandrin later takes over from Moiraine, and she confronts Liandrin about her proposal to gentle Logain at once. Liandrin asks Kerene if she truly believes that they can shield Logain until they make it to the White Tower, but Kerene declares that the Aes Sedai do what is right rather than what is expedient, and tells Liandrin that she should know that is the case as a sister of the Red Ajah.

Kerene's wards react to the approach of others, and she realizes that Logain's army has not fully retreated. At once, Logain unleashes his full strength and flings Kerene and Liandrin back against the walls of the cave. The two lie on the ground, and regain consciousness to see Logain confronting Moiraine. Kerene knocks back the man with the One Power, and the three of them shield Logain at once. However, Logain draws power and strikes out, and Kerene diverts her weave to shield her other sisters. She is killed when she is impaled by Logain's weave.

Stepin is devastated by Kerene's death when he feels it through their bond, and attacks Logain in his grief, though his dual axes are turned to shrapnel which wounds many. Though Nynaeve manages to Heal many with the One Power, Kerene is already dead, and Stepin cradles her corpse as the other sisters link and gentle Logain in the cave.[5]

After the battle, Kerene is given funeral rites by the surviving Aes Sedai and Warders. With a procession of Aes Sedai, Stepin carries Kerene to the funeral grounds and lays her in a shallow grave. He takes the Great Serpent ring from her finger and puts it on a cord which he places around his neck. He then covers her with a white cloth. Moiraine places her candle on Kerene’s chest and says the prayer, "May the last embrace of the mother welcome you home."

Stepin is devastated by Kerene's death, and falls into a deep state of depression. He manages to make it to the White Tower so that her Great Serpent ring can be melted down, while the other Aes Sedai commemorate Kerene's death by riding her horse through Tar Valon with Logain, with her boots facing backwards in the stirrups. The people of the city are aghast that Logain has killed an Aes Sedai. Still suffering from Kerene's death, Stepin considers being bonded by Alanna, but does not want to lose the pain that helps him remember Kerene. He eventually commits suicide by stabbing his own abdomen after taking Nynaeve's goatstongue tea to numb the pain.[7]


Kerene is considered one of the most powerful Aes Sedai in the White Tower.[8] She is also a master of weapons, knowing that there are other approaches to offensive fighting that would usually not be allowed by the unbreakable Three Oaths.[2] She has an extremely sharp and keen strategic mind.[3]


Kerene Nagashi appears in the following episodes:

The Wheel of Time appearances 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1 episodes m
Season 2 episodes tbd


The White Tower and the women within it have stood for 3,000 years, not because we do what is expedient, but because we do what is right. The law applies to us just as much as it does to him. And you, a Red, should be the one reminding me of that, not the other way around.

Kerene Nagashi to Liandrin Guirale, concerning Logain Ablar.


Changes from the book series[]

Kerene is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • Timeline - The timeline is the largest change to Kerene's character. In the novels, she only appears in the novel New Spring Booklink.svg (book spoilers!), and her character is killed by agents of the Shadow shortly after the end of the Aiel War. In the television series, she survives to the present day, and is killed by Logain Ablar.[1]
  • Warders - In the novels, Kerene has two Warders, Karile Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) and Stepin. Only Stepin appears in the television series.



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