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Kelly Valentine Hendry is a Scottish casting director who works for The Wheel of Time.

General overview[]

Kelly Valentine Hendry has worked as the casting director for several acclaimed series in the UK, such as Fleabag, Broadchurch, Gangs of London, and Bridgerton, and now works for The Wheel of Time.


So, in Wheel of Time -- which I'm not allowed to talk about, casting, but I will say this -- is: I was in the casting room with Rafe and the other producers and execs when ... we knew we'd got our leads ... we'd flown them in from all over the world -- and we were like looking at each other, and I'll never forget that moment because all of a sudden -- like, if it ... is a huge success, as I hope it should be, it's gonna change their lives and we're looking at these kids, basically, who just don't know. And they of course didn't know the story because they weren't given anything, and I said 'You have no idea what's coming ... the cool stuff coming your way.' So, I really love that. When you know you're absolutely changing someone's life like that.[1]



  • Kelly Valentine Hendry and Kae Alexander both worked on Fleabag.
  • Hendry stated that her dedication to the show led to her imagining the lives of minor characters in her free time, such as what Daise Conger's house looked like, or how she acted when she was making a cup of tea.[2]



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