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Josha Stradowski is a Dutch actor who portrays Rand al'Thor on Prime Video's The Wheel of Time. Stradowski's casting was announced on August 14, 2019.[1]


Josha Stradowski began acting in musicals when he was young, notably The Sound of Music and Ciske de Rat. He graduated from the AHK Theatre School in Amsterdam and began playing roles in television as a teenager. Recently, he played the leader role in Just Friends, an indie feature film, and won a number of awards. In 2018 he worked on Oedipus, a play directed by Robert Icke. He was cast as Rand al'Thor in August 2019.



Rand is a sheepherder, he's a farmer boy, and he's leader of the sheep, he takes care of the sheep with his father. He follows his heart often and he makes decisions very impulsively, so I guess other people would call him stubborn. But I would say he's very loving, and afraid, he's many things. I don't see him as a hero, I try to approach him in a very human way. In my book it says "Rand: Hero", which I don't really like, I just want him to be, at first he's just, a sheepherder, you know, he's from the Two Rivers.

Josha Stradowski to IGN, October 29, 2021






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