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Ila is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Ila is a member of the Tuatha'an. She is the wife of Raen and the grandmother of Aram.


Early life[]

Ila is one of the Tuatha'an. She married Raen, and had a daughter.

While foraging for food away from the wagons, Ila's daughter was killed for sport by a group of bandits. Ila deeply mourned her daughter's death, but it inspired her to follow the Way of the Leaf even more. She came to the conclusion that following the path of peace would be the ultimate form of revenge on those who had chosen the way of violence, and wanted to convince others to follow the Way, so that when the Wheel of Time turned her daughter's soul back into the world, it would be a better place for her.

Her daughter left behind a young son named Aram, and Ila and Raen brought him up after his mother's death.[1]

Season 1[]

Ila's family and other Tuatha'an find Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere in the Caralain Grass. Raen asks the pair if they know the Song, and Egwene is confused. Ila repeats, asking if she knows the Song. Aram jokingly says that if the pair knew the Song, or they would have answered, and instructs the pair what the appropriate response is. Egwene responds fully, and Perrin awkwardly manages to complete some of the phrase. Ila then responds that they shall still seek for the Song, and introduces herself and her family.

Ila and her companions take Perrin and Egwene to their wagons, where blankets are given to the pair. Egwene asks who the group is, and the group is confused, being certain that anyone would know of their people. Ila explains that they are part of the Tuatha'an, the Traveling People, and that their fires are open to all, for as long as anyone needs them. The dishevelled youths begin to eat the food their hosts offer to them.[2]

Ila's group of Tuatha'an continues to make their way east, to Tar Valon. When Aram discusses that they are avoiding the war in the south, Perrin asks if their group cannot defend themselves. Ila explains that they do not carry weapons, as the Tuatha'an follow the Way of the Leaf, and that they are absolute pacifists who will never use weapons, not even in self-defense. She asks Perrin if he has ever had to use a weapon, and notices his reaction when she mentions an ax. She asks if his life has been better or worse since he picked up an ax, prompting another despondent reaction from the young man.

Ila later thanks Perrin when he helps make tools for the wagons later on. She discusses the Way of the Leaf again when he notices that some of the Tuatha'an do not look peaceful, and she explains that some who used to know the path of violence have left it behind to join them. When Perrin tells her that they can't run from everything, Ila says that they are not running from anything, but that they will end violence by encouraging everyone to renounce it. Ila explains that she believes that if she can only convince two people to follow the Way of the Leaf, and they go on to convince two more, the world will become a peaceful place in time. Perrin asks if she does it for herself, or her people, but she tells him that she is dedicated to the Way of the Leaf because of the loss of her daughter, and that choosing the path of peace is the greatest revenge against those who have committed violence. She ends by saying that her actions will help to forge a better world for her daughter's soul when it is woven out again by the Wheel of Time.[1]

As the wagons begin to approach Tar Valon, they are halted by the Children of the Light, and asked about their connection to the False Dragon, Logain Ablar. Ila tells the Whitecloaks that she knows nothing about the False Dragon, but Valda recognizes Perrin and Egwene from an earlier encounter, and demands that the Tuatha'an bring them to him. Ila tells him they cannot take their people, but Valda remarks they are not his people. Raen tells Valda they have shared their fire, but Valda asks if they wish their friends to suffer. Ila says that the Children cannot have the pair unless they choose to go with him, and Valda asks how they intend to stop him. The Tuatha'an begin to link arms in protest against the Children, but Valda smacks Ila across the face. Ila stands her ground and speaks on how the Way of the Leaf will triumph against the Children of the Light. The Children continue attacking the Tuatha'an, while Aram leads Perrin and Egwene away from the wagons, though the pair are found and taken by the Whitecloaks.[3]


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What greater revenge against violence than peace? What greater revenge against death than life? I couldn't protect my girl in this turn of the Wheel, but one day, long after I'm gone, after Aram and his grandchildren's grandchildren, the Wheel will turn out my daughter's soul again. I do what I can to forge a better world for her then, where she can enjoy the life she should have had with me.
— Ila to Perrin, 1.04 The Dragon Reborn
The Way of the Leaf against the Way of the Light. Hmm.
You can cover the Light with the palm of a child's hand, but a Leaf, even if you crush it, bury it, burn it, it becomes a part of the earth... and the air.
— Ila to Valda, 1.05 Blood Calls Blood

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