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The Green Ajah of the Aes Sedai is considered the Ajah of warriors.[1] They take up arms and fight when diplomacy fails.[2]


The Green Ajah's purpose is to serve as warriors. They are sent against either large-scale Shadowspawn attacks, or against rogue male channelers, but their true destiny is to fight in the name of the Light when the Last Battle comes.[3][4]

The Green Ajah is said to love men the most out of all the Aes Sedai. They may bond more than one Warder, and are more commonly involved in romantic relationships with them compared to other Aes Sedai.

Their leader is the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, who is considered the military leader of all Aes Sedai whenever they need to go to war.[5]

Traditionally, the Green and the Red Ajah have a strained relationship, as they consider one another to have fundamental differences.[6]


Season 1[]

A combined force of the Green Ajah and Red Ajah is sent against the False Dragon Logain Ablar, commanded by the Green Ajah's Captain-General, Kerene Nagashi. While held captive, Logain's army attacks, and he manages to break free. He is restrained by Liandrin Guirale, Moiraine Damodred, and Kerene, but he manages to kill Kerene when he impales her with a weave. Liandrin decides to gentle Logain on the spot as soon as is possible.[4]

A mass funeral is held for Kerene, as well as the fallen combatants from Logain's army. Her Warder, Stepin, returns her ring to the White Tower so that it can be destroyed, but takes his own life after falling into a state of deep depression.[7] When the Hall of the Tower is called to judge Logain and the sisters involved, the gentled man calls Kerene a "Green bitch", which greatly offends the other Green Sitters. Alanna testifies to the necessity of Liandrin's actions, and Maigan comments on the extremely unusual circumstances of a Green speaking in favor of a Red.[8]

List of known Green sisters[]


Changes from the book series[]

The Green Ajah is adapted from the Ajah of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.


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