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Fal Dara is a fortress-city in Shienar. It is built before Tarwin's Gap, and stands as the first line of defense against the Great Blight.


For a thousand years, Fal Dara has been Shienar's first line of defense against the Blight. After the fall of Malkier, Fal Dara became home to many refugees from their lost neighbor.[1]


It is said that House Jagad has ruled Fal Dara for a thousand years. At some point, the Horn of Valere was recovered by the Lords of Fal Dara and secretly hidden in their keep.[2]

Season 1[]

When Moiraine Damodred learns of Siuan Sanche's visions of the Eye of the World, she, Lan Mandragoran, and Loial, take Rand al'Thor, Perrin Aybara, Egwene al'Vere, and Nynaeve al'Meara through the Ways from the Tar Valon Waygate to the Fal Dara Waygate.[3][1] They are welcomed by Lord Agelmar and Lady Amalisa Jagad, and inform him to wall up the Waygate, as Shadowspawn have begun to enter the Ways.

When Moiraine resolves to take the Two Rivers youths into the Blight knowing that three will die at the Eye of the World, Rand goes to Min Farshaw's bar and learns that he is truly the Dragon, and leaves for the Blight.[1] After he does, the city is threatened by a great army of Shadowspawn threatening to pour out of the Blight. Lord Agelmar leaves for Tarwin's Gap with many of the men, and Lady Amalisa and the rest of the women defend the city.

At Tarwin's Gap, the fortifications are overwhelmed, and the rest of the Shadowspawn armies are defeated by Amalisa's female channelers before they can reach the city. However, the city is infiltrated by Darkfriends, and Padan Fain and Shadowspawn come across Uno Nomesta, Lord Yakota, and Loial, who have been given the task to unearth the Horn of Valere. Fain attacks them all with a ruby-hilted dagger from Shadar Logoth, and steals the Horn from them, revealing his true allegiances to Perrin Aybara before he leaves.[2]


Notable inhabitants include:


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Behind the scenes[]

Fal Dara was filmed primarily in the Czech Republic, and partially augmented with visual effects to include landscape from the Canary Islands.[4]

Changes from the book series[]

Fal Dara is an adaptation of the city of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.