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"There's a brutality to this dish. The flavor - it doesn't just come from the bird. It cuts into your mouth - not enough to hurt - just enough to make you bleed."

- Valda to Yellow Aes Sedai

Eamon Valda is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Abdul Salis.

Valda is a ruthless Questioner for the Children of the Light.[1]


Early life[]

Eamon Valda was born and raised in Amadicia. He joined the Children of the Light, and rose to the rank of Questioner, assigned the mission of finding and killing Friends of the Dark. He took a particular interest in hunting down Aes Sedai, as he came to believe that all channelers must be in league with the Dark One.[1]


Season 1[]

At the Children's camp, Eamon Valda is served a rare bird dish for his victories while he is set before an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah tied to a stake. As he eats the dish, he taunts the woman, telling her that there is a brutality to the dish, as the bird's beak and feet cut the inside of one's mouth enough to bleed, and he chuckles. He takes her ring from her severed hand, and mockingly tells her that sometimes, brutality is the only path to mercy, as the woman begins to burn alive.

Valda rides with Geofram Bornhald and a party of other Whitecloaks, and encounters Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere on the road. The elder woman claims that their party is headed to Whitebridge, and that they are not concerned by "wars and witches," but Valda takes time to question her a little longer. As he begins, Lan says that it is not the Whitecloaks' land, but Valda responds that they hold sway wherever men walk in the Light. He orders the horses searched, and tries to search Moiraine, which causes her to gasp due to a bad wound. He asks what caused the wound, and Moiraine tells the Children that they would not believe her, and they were attacked by a monster. Realizing that it must be Shadowspawn, they ask where they came from, and Moiraine tells him that they journeyed from Taren Ferry. When his man has found nothing suspicious in the horses, Valda graciously bids them farewell. He tells Bornhald that despite the Trollocs heading west, he shall go south, as Questioners have a higher purpose.[2]

Valda scouts along the road between Tar Valon and the supporters of the False Dragon in the south. He encounters a band of Tuatha'an on their way to Tar Valon, and questions them about any connection they might have to Logain Ablar. Ila denies any connection to the False Dragon, but Valda spots Perrin and Egwene from his earlier encounter on the roads, and demands that they be brought to him. Ila tells them that they cannot have their companions, but Valda asks how he plans to stop her. The Tuatha'an link arms in protest of the Whitecloaks, but he smacks Ila across the face. The Tuatha'an continue to resist, but Valda's men attack them with their bare hands. Perrin and Egwene try to run away with Aram, but Valda's men catch up to them, and capture the youths.

Valda's men strip and dress Egwene for him, and Perrin is tied up before being brought in for interrogation. Egwene pleas to let them free, and Valda starts interrogating them, accusing Egwene of being an Aes Sedai, and Perrin of being her Warder. When she denies outright, Valda still accuses her of being able to touch the One Power. He asks Egwene what is stopping him from killing her, but she argues that he is sworn to the Light, and that the Light would not allow one of its followers to kill an innocent girl. Valda asks her why she thinks he will follow his oaths, and Egwene proceeds to tell him to simply kill her if he wishes to, but tells him she shall come back and take revenge in her next life. Valda chuckles and compliments her composure as he makes his way over to Perrin, beginning to slice along his back with a blade. As Egwene calls out asks him why he is doing it, Valda proceeds to tell him that he believes that the One Power must come from the Dark, and that it is his responsibility to stamp it out. He gives the pair the ultimatum of Egwene either channeling, and him killing her, or her not channeling, in which case he will kill Perrin.

Valda returns to their tent just as Egwene is beginning to touch the True Source. She manages to channel a small spark of light in Valda's direction, and he laughs, telling her that he is harder to kill than her attempt has managed. However, Egwene manages to channel to break Perrin's bonds free, and he expresses shock at Perrin's feral form emerging. As Egwene breaks free, she stabs Valda's clavicle with his blade, and escapes the camp with Perrin, as many of his men are attacked by a pack of wolves which let the two go free.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Valda is a dark-skinned man with cropped, dark hair.


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Light be with you.
The Light is always with you. It needs no instruction.
— Valda to Moiraine, 1.02 Shadow's Waiting
Why are you doing this?!
Because we humans are meant to be of this Earth, to struggle and fight for everything we have. The Creator never meant for us to have access to so much power. You witches make a mockery of our very existence, walking like gods amongst men. The idea that the One Power comes from anywhere other than the Dark is absurd. So I have been called to stamp it out. Woman by woman by woman.
— Valda to Egwene, 1.05 Blood Calls Blood

Changes from the book series[]

Eamon Valda is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.

  • Origin: Valda's nationality is not confirmed in the book series, but in the television continuity, he is described as Amadician.
  • Rank: Valda is not a Questioner in the book series.


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