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Daise Conger is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Mandi Symonds. She is a resident of the Two Rivers.


Early Life[]

Season 1[]

On the day before Bel Tine, Daise is drinking at the Winespring Inn. When Egwene al'Vere enters after her acceptance into the Women's Circle, Egwene's father Bran begins asking his daughter to help with serving, but Daise intervenes saying, "No! You drink with us tonight!" And she pulls Egwene over to a table with other women to drink.

During the trolloc attack the next day, Daise is part of the group of women who organize to take down one of the trollocs. Daise taunts the trolloc while holding a pitchfork, and she and the other women encircle it and take it down. Daise presumably survives the attack.[1]


Physical Appearance[]

Daise is an adult woman with fair skin and brown hair.


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No! You drink with us tonight.
— Daise to Egwene in Leavetaking
You want a real feast? Come and get some of this.
— Daise to a trolloc in Leavetaking


  • Casting director Kelly Valentine Hendry stated that her dedication to the show led her to thinking about what Daise Conger's house looked like, or how she acted when she was making a cup of tea.[2]


Changes from the book series[]

Daise Conger[3][4] is an adaptation of the character Daise Congar Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series. It's unclear why the spelling of her surname was changed.



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