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Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy author who is a consulting producer for Prime Video's The Wheel of Time television series.[1]

Following the death of Robert Jordan in 2007, Sanderson was selected to complete The Wheel of Time book series in accordance with the author's wishes. Making use of Jordan's extensive notes, Sanderson completed the final three novels in the series; The Gathering Storm Booklink.svg (book spoilers!), Towers of Midnight Booklink.svg (book spoilers!), and A Memory of Light Booklink.svg (book spoilers!).

General overview[]

Outside of writing The Wheel of Time, Sanderson is also known as the author of the Cosmere fictional universe, which is the setting of the Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive book series.

Sanderson's involvement in the television series as a consulting producer was confirmed on June 19, 2019.[1] Rafe Judkins has stated that Sanderson reviewed several potential changes to storylines in the show, and Judkins praised Sanderson for his "huge help."[2]

Sanderson has responded generally positively to the television series adaptation. He considers the television adaptation to be a "completely different turning of the wheel from the books",[3] saying: "It's not an adaptation of the books to me; it's an adaptation of the NEXT time these people are living this story."[4] While he disagreed with some of the changes made for the show, he's also shared that his feedback was taken and changes were made.[3]


"Number one [thing I told Rafe] was, of course, ‘Matt’s harder to write than he looks.’ I talked about the soul of The Wheel of Time. What makes The Wheel of Time work. I remember talking to him about the interview I heard with Jim, where someone asked him to summarize The Wheel of Time…He eventually said it is what it’s like to be the normal person and be told you need to save the world. To put that burden upon you. That you’ve got to save the world and you’ll probably die doing it. It’s not a burden you wanted, so what do you do with that? "What worked for me, and what anyone has to do who’s in this situation, is read through the books. Feel the books and try to have that in mind when you’re working on it. Anytime I started to get lost, I went back to the books and read what Jim had written, and it pulls me back in."

Brandon Sanderson to Winter is Coming[5]

"This is uncharted territory for me. I have no idea. It could be like Game of Thrones, where despite the changes, they stay according to the big events…It could go completely different. As I’ve said to people, I envision this as a new turning of the Wheel. It’s the same souls, but in a different actual turning of the Wheel. It’s not the one Jim and I worked on, it’s a different version of it."

Brandon Sanderson to Winter is Coming[5]






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