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The Blight is a wasteland that lies to the North of the Westlands.[1] It is inhabited only by Shadowspawn.


The Blight is separated from the continent to the south by the Mountains of Doom.[1] North of Fal Dara, there is a pass through the mountains.[2]

The area of the Blight North of Fal Dara consists of a thick vine-covered forest.[2]



The Blight is the home of where the Dark One was imprisoned at the end of the Age of Legends. It is a vile place, and is the homeland of the Shadowspawn.

The Blight itself grows, and in the 950s-960s NE, the nation of Malkier was lost to the Blight. It has been strongly theorized that the Blight has rapidly grown, and even displaced locations such as the Seven Towers precisely because of the Dark One beginning to stir again as the Dragon Reborn began to come of age.[3]

Foolish youths from the Borderlands may try to prove their strength by venturing into the Blight, and many of them die.[3]

Season 1[]

After Siuan Sanche tells Moiraine Damodred of her dreams of the Dark One at the Eye of the World, Moiraine leads the group of Two Rivers folk to Fal Dara, intending to take them all into the Blight to reach the Eye.[4]

After Rand al'Thor tells Moiraine that he is the Dragon Reborn, Moiraine masks her bond to Lan, and enters the Blight with Rand as they prepare to travel to the Eye of the World.[2] Traveling through the Blight, Moiraine warns Rand of the corruption within the region. It is here that Ishamael, believed to be the Dark One, can begin to touch Rand's dreams very strongly.

Rand and Moiraine make it to the Eye, and after stepping on a cuendillar symbol, the Dragon Reborn is transported to an imaginary space controlled by Ishamael. The Forsaken cuts Moiraine from the One Power, but she holds a blade to Rand's throat and threatens to kill him if he chooses the Dark. Rand banishes Ishamael using his seated man sa'angreal, but refuses to return with Moiraine, due to having felt the madness placed on saidin. Moiraine notices a broken piece of cuendillar, and when Lan finds her there, she realizes that they have not fought the Last Battle, but only the first conflict against the Shadow.[3]


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Changes from the book series[]

The Blight is an adaptation of the region of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.



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