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Alanna Mosvani is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Priyanka Bose.

Alanna is an Arafellin Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.[1] She is "renowned for both her kindness and her temper. And instead of having one Warder like Moiraine, she has two — Ihvon and Maksim. The three of them have a complicated relationship built on love, sex and respect that welds them into a fearsome force in battle."[2] Alanna is involved in the capture of Logain Ablar, a powerful and dangerous male channeler.[3]


Early life[]

Alanna was born in Arafel. She studied at the White Tower in Tar Valon, and befriended Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche during her days as a novice and Accepted.[4]

She was eventually raised to Aes Sedai, and chose the Green Ajah, eager to join the heroic Ajah of warriors, and to have multiple Warders. She bonded two Warders, Maksim and Ihvon, and all three of them became lovers.

Season 1[]

When Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve find the Aes Sedai transporting Logain, Alanna is one of the Aes Sedai shielding Logain from channeling.[5]

When the Aes Sedai make camp, Logain is held prisoner in a cave, and Alanna and Liandrin begin working together to shield him. Kerene enters with Moiraine, discussing the implications of the prisoner, and Alanna sarcastically and playfully greets her old friend, who has not had time to introduce herself so far. Moiraine offers to take over from Kerene's designated shift, and Liandrin drops her shield so that Moiraine can do so.

Alanna and Moiraine are left in the cave, and they discuss the difficulties of shielding Logain, with Alanna beginning to reminisce about their time in the Tower. Moiraine asks Alanna if Kerene is using her to get information out of her, and she jokingly confesses that she isn't supposed to start doing so until she has earned more of Moiraine's trust. Alanna muses that she never thought she would live to see the Last Battle. When Moiraine says that Logain is false, Alanna responds that whether Logain is false or not, his strength is another sign that the end of the Age is coming. In the evening, she goes to the campfire where the Warders are having dinner, and retires for the night with Ihvon and Maksim.

The Aes Sedai camp is attacked by Logain's followers, and Alanna defends the camp by stopping their arrows with a weave of Air, before turning them on the attacking army. Realizing that Logain has broken free, those by the camp make their way to the cave, and Alanna defeats many soldiers, resulting in the death of the King of Ghealdan. As they fight on, Alanna encourages the others to get to Logain, and unleashes a massive attack on his followers using the One Power. Alanna reaches the cave in time to link with Liandrin and the other Aes Sedai in order to gentle Logain.[6]

Alanna grieves Kerene deeply at the mass funeral held for her, as well as the King of Ghealdan and the other combatants. She and the others make their way back to the White Tower in the following month, keeping Logain on a leash. After arriving in the city, Liandrin and Alanna parade Logain through the city, with many showing their hatred of the False Dragon by throwing food at him, and are shocked by Kerene's death when they see her boots riding backwards in her stirrups.

Alanna visits Moiraine in her personal room in the Blue Ajah Quarters, and eats a persimmon while resting on her bed. They discuss Alanna potentially bonding Kerene's Warder, Stepin, though she does not know if he will accept her offer in his grief. When Moiraine discusses reading about a way to release the bond, she tells her that Lan has nothing to worry about. Moiraine asks why Alanna has come, and she tells her about getting news that the Amyrlin is returning from Caemlyn, and wishes to summon the sisters involved with Logain's gentling to the Hall of the Tower. She tells Moiraine that the Tower is not the same as when Moiraine has left, and that sisters are growing in strength with designs on the Amyrlin Seat. Alanna warns Moiraine about the dangers in the Tower, before bidding her good night. In the morning, Stepin has committed suicide due to the great depression induced by the loss of Kerene. Alanna attends his funeral dressed all in white.[7]

When Alanna is summoned to the Hall with the others, Siuan asks Alanna, Moiraine, and Liandrin to remain after dismissing the others when Logain is escorted away. When Liandrin tells the Amyrlin about the necessity of having to gentle Logain outside Tower law, Alanna politely speaks in Liandrin's defense, telling her that Kerene died to protect them as she knew the False Dragon was too strong, and that Liandrin and the others made the right choice. Alanna is not punished for the gentling, though Moiraine is further interrogated for refusing to answer about her absences from the White Tower. She returns to the Hall to see Moiraine exiled for her disobedience and intractability, and is deeply saddened when she must turn away from Moiraine to acknowledge her disgrace.[8]


Alanna is considered one of the most powerful sisters in the White Tower.[9]


Ihvon and Maksim[]

Alanna is Bonded with Ihvon and Maksim, and the three of them are also lovers. They have an extremely close and passionate relationship. Ihvon and Maksim joke about being "exhausted" as her Warders, with the implication that they are very active in bed.

Moiraine Damodred[]

Alanna and Moiraine are old friends. They knew each other as Novices and Accepted, but they have not spent much time together recently due to Moiraine's quest taking her away from the White Tower. However, they still treat each other warmly when they reunite after Logain is captured.

Physical appearance[]

Alanna has dark skin, and dark brown hair. She wears bells in her hair, per the Arafellin fashion.[6]


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When I chose Green, I thought it was so heroic. The Battle Ajah... warriors trained to defend humanity from the Dark One at the Last Battle. But I never thought I'd see it myself.
There have been false Dragons before. Women and men who've claimed the title for power or personal gain.
False or no... his strength is more than anything I've ever seen. It's just another sign. The end of this Age is here.
— Alanna and Moiraine, 1.04 The Dragon Reborn


Changes from the book series[]

Alanna is an adaptation of the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series.



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