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This article is about the planned prequel film. For the historical period, see Age of Legends.

Age of Legends is a planned film which will be a prequel to The Wheel of Time television series.


An official synopsis has not yet been released. The film will reportedly take place during the Age of Legends. According to Deadline:[1]

The first movie will be set several millennia before the time of the books, in a period known as the “Age of Legends”— a futuristic utopia powered by a magical force shared by men and women known as the “One Power.” When an unspeakable evil is unleashed upon the world, civilization descends into chaos, and war blankets the globe. When men using the One Power become insane and destroy much of the planet, a small band of women unite under the White Tower, and are humanity’s last hope of survival.


Plans for the film were announced on July 13, 2021. Writer Zack Stentz is developing the script, and the film will be produced by Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon of iwot productions, and Ted Field and Justin Smith of Radar Pictures. James Leon, Eva Longoria, and Mike McGuiness are set to executive produce.[1]

The film is planned to be the first of a trilogy.[1]

Quote from Stentz:

“I’ve been a fan of Robert Jordan’s work for many years, and it is especially his allusions to the origins and backstory of The Wheel of Time that I have always found most intriguing. I’m excited to be bringing this era Robert Jordan conceptualized to life,” said Stentz, “A fusion of the fantasy and science-fiction genres, the Age of Legends is a tale of paradise lost, as a futuristic Garden of Eden devolves into a dangerous and broken world.”


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