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Abell Cauthon is a character in The Wheel of Time television series portrayed by Christopher Sciueref.

Abell is the husband of Natti Cauthon and the father of Mat, Bode, and Eldrin.[1] He is a lecher from one of the poorest families in the Two Rivers.[2]


Early Life[]

Abell was born and raised in the Two Rivers. He married Natti Cauthon, and had a son, Mat, and later twin daughters, Bode and Eldrin. Abell developed a reputation as a lecher and a philanderer, while his wife was a drunkard. Both ended up neglecting their young daughters, leaving Mat with more responsibility to care for himself and his sisters. The Cauthon family is one of the poorest in the Two Rivers.[3][2]


Season 1[]

On Winternight, Abell openly flirts with a woman outside the Winespring Inn. Natti drunkenly watches on from afar, and Mat has to drag her back home.

During the Shadowspawn attack on Bel Tine, Abell and Natti rush home, though their daughters are nowhere to be seen. Mat angrily asks where his sisters are, before rushing off to find them. After the Shadowspawn has been defeated, Mat returns with the girls, and disapprovingly looks at Abell when Bode and Eldrin rush to embrace Natti.[2]

Mat later leaves the Two Rivers with Moiraine Damodred after the Aes Sedai tells him he may be the Dragon Reborn.[2] Mat begins to worry about his sisters after he leaves, though Perrin reassures him that his own parents will probably be checking on Abell and Natti, alongside Rand's father and Egwene's parents.[4]


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Changes from the book series[]

Abell Cauthon is based on the character of the same name Booklink.svg (book spoilers!) from the book series. (Book wiki contains MAJOR spoilers).

  • Reputation: Abell's lecherous reputation or neglect of his family does not exist in the book series, nor does the poverty of the Cauthon family.



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