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Transcript for A Place of Safety, season 1 episode 3 of The Wheel of Time.

Previously on[]

Rand: They say the last Dragon broke the world, but the next one will save it.
Moiraine: Forget what you've heard about the Dragon.
: This power, it's meant for women.
: And women alone.
: [screams]
Moiraine: You see, women all over the world have different names for it. But it's one power. You don't listen to the wind, Egwene. It's the wind that listens to you.
: [shouting]
: [grunts]
Egwene: [Egwene] Don't you see how pale she's getting? How weak?
: [roars]
: [screaming]
Egwene: Nynaeve!
Egwene: Those monsters killed Nynaeve and Laila and half the people we've ever loved.
Natti: You're going to be just like your dad. Damn prick like him.
Egwene: What in Light's name? Go! I'll find you.
Rand: No, we-we can't leave without them.
Mat: Pretty sure we can.
: Rand!
: Mat!
Nynaeve: If you don't take me to them right now, I'll slit your throat.

Two Rivers[]

At the Two Rivers, during the attack on Bel Tine.

: [muffled, distorted screaming]
Egwene: Nynaeve!
: [screaming]
Egwene: Nynaeve! Nynaeve!
: [Trolloc snarling]
: [Nynaeve exhales]
: [Trolloc snorts, roars]
: [Trolloc 2 whimpering]
: [Trolloc roars]
: [Trolloc 2 whimpering]
: [Trolloc snarling]
: [whimpers]
: [shuddering]
: [snarling]
: [whimpering]
: [Trolloc 2 screaming]
: [snarling]
: [screaming continues]
: [shuddering]
: [snarling]
: [panting]
: [grunting, panting]
: ♪ ♪
: [Trolloc roars]
: [grunting, panting]
: [shouting]
: [roars, snarls]
: [roaring]
: [grunting, panting]
: [panting]
: [Trolloc screeches in distance]
: [grunting]
: [Trolloc snarling]
: [roars]
: [growling]
: [snarling]
: [shuddering]
: [Trolloc snorting softly]
: [sniffing]
: [growling]
: [shuddering softly]
: [growls, snorts]
: [snarls]
: [sniffs]
: [growling]
: [snarling]
: [growls]
: [roars]
: [snarling softly]
: [grunts]
: [snarls]
: [screams]
: [screeching]
: [screams]
: [gasping]
: [panting]
: [grunts, panting]
: ♪ ♪
: ♪ ♪
: ♪ ♪


Nynaeve: Where are my friends? Are they alive? I won't ask again.
Lan: They're not here. How did you find me?
Nynaeve: What did she do to them?
Lan: You think you know this world. You know nothing. The Dark One is coming for your friends. And Moiraine has fought his forces with everything she has.
Nynaeve: If she cares about them so much, then why did she leave them?
Lan: She didn't. I did. She can't move... let alone find them in her condition. You're a healer.
Nynaeve: You think I'm gonna help her?
Lan: You will if you want to help your friends.
Nynaeve: Don't move.
Lan: We both know that you won't.
: [grunting]

Nynaeve stabs at his throat, but Lan easily moves out of the way and restrains her from behind.

Lan: Ooh, you actually tried to kill me.
Nynaeve: Let go of me.

They struggle. Lan disarms her and uses the hilt of the Trolloc weapon to knock her out.


Rand: [echoing] Egwene!
: Perrin!
: Egwene!
: Perrin!
: Can you see them?
: If they made it out of the city...
: They made it.
Rand: Egwene!
Mat: Look, Rand, Rand, Rand, we're gonna find them. We will. Promise you. But we're gonna be no help to them if we get ourselves killed. All right? Who knows what's out there that can hear us? Let's find a way home. Yeah? And if we find them along the way...
Rand: They're not going back home. Moiraine said the Trollocs would come back if we did. She said we need to go to the White Tower.
Mat: And you believe Moiraine?
Rand: Egwene does.
Mat: And what do you want us to do? Just walk to the White Tower? How we gonna get there?
Rand: They say all roads lead there.
Mat: That's not how roads work.
Rand: It's east. We know that.
Mat: Come on, Rand. Last thing you ever wanted to do was leave home. We both know that.
Rand: It won't be home without them.
: [sniffs]

Caralain plain[]

: [wind howling]
: [wolves yipping in distance]
: [grunting, panting]
: [wolf howls]
Egwene: Those wolves, I think they're following us!
: There.
Perrin: Keep going! Come on.
: Let's light a fire. It'll keep them back.
: [grunts]
: [barking in distance]
: [howling]
: [panting]
: [grunting]
: [barking in distance]
: [groans]
Perrin: I'm sorry. I'll get it.
: [grunting]
Perrin: Don't worry. I'll get it.
: [straining]
Perrin: Come on. Come on. Come on.
: [grunting, panting]
Perrin: Come on! [panting]
: [shouts]
: [shudders]
: [blowing]
: [breathing heavily]
Perrin: Was that me or you? [chuckles softly] If you wouldn't mind channeling us some food or water...
: [both chuckle softly]
: [howling in distance]
Perrin: Do you think they're all right?
Egwene: [sniffs] I don't know. But I know where Rand will be headed. Back home.
Perrin: We can't go back.
Egwene: We have to.
Perrin: We can't. And they won't either.
Egwene: And how do you know?
Perrin: Because I know Rand. He'll go where he thinks you're going.
: [shudders]
Perrin: Come here. I'll keep watch. You get warm, get some rest.
: [sighs]
: [exhales]
: [howling in distance]


: [inhales deeply]
: [birds singing]
: [Moiraine panting softly]
: [whimpering softly]
: [exhales]
: [footsteps approaching]
: [Nynaeve breathing heavily]
: [grunts]
: [exhales sharply]
: [cork pops]
: [exhales]
: [gulps]
: [exhales, panting]
Lan: Are you ready to help now?
Nynaeve: If I help her, she best give me the answers I want.
Lan: Are you really in a position to be making demands?
Nynaeve: It's not a demand, it's a threat. She's gonna die without treatment. You know that. I don't see another Wisdom around here. Do you?
: [exhales]
: ♪ ♪
Nynaeve: You don't have to stand there like that. I'm not gonna run off.
: Fine.
: You want to ask, so just ask.
Lan: You said you tracked me. All the way from the Two Rivers to Shadar Logoth. How?
Nynaeve: Said you could ask, not that I'd answer. All right, I'm ready.
: ♪ ♪
Nynaeve: I've heard about the bond between an Aes Sedai and her Warder, that you feel what she feels. So get ready, because this is going to hurt.
: [Moiraine groaning]
: ♪ ♪
: [Moiraine groaning softly]
Nynaeve: Now we give it time.
: ♪ ♪
: [rain falling]
: [thunder crashes loudly]
: [panting]
: [snarling]
: [inhales sharply]
Perrin: Laila?
: [wind howling]
: [jingling]
Perrin: Laila?
: ♪ ♪
: [sniffing]
: [crunching]
: [gasping]
: [growling]
Laila: I know.
: [gasps]
: [screeching]
Egwene: Perrin! Perrin!
: [gasping]
Egwene: The wolves, they're close.
: [wolves howling]
Perrin: Quick, run.
Egwene: [panting] This way!
: [wolves barking, howling]
: [panting]
: Hurry!
: Come on!
: [snarling]
: [gasps]
: I've got you! Keep going!
: [barking]
: [grunts, screams]
: [grunts]
: Come on! This way!
: [pants]
: [snarling]
: Hurry! Hurry! Go.
: [shrieks]
: I'll hold them off!
: [shrieks] No! Come on!
: [grunts]
: [howling]
: [wind blowing]
: [gasping]
: [wolves howling]
: [panting]
: Why have they stopped?
: We have to keep moving. Come on.
: Egwene.
: [wolves howling]
: [panting]
: [birds singing]
: [wind blowing]
Mat: Shit, it's cold. How about we, uh... trade coats?
Rand: Come on. Think of the kids who'll read stories about you someday. Mat Cauthon, the man who once walked while a little chilly.
Mat: You funny now? [panting] That's a new wrinkle. Let's at least start going downhill instead of up, eh? Eh?
: [panting]
: [clacking in distance]
Mat: What's that, then?
Rand: Downhill.
: [chuckles softly]
: ♪ ♪
Mat: Well, this seems like a friendly place.
: Nice way to welcome people.
Rand: So you'll be on best behavior, then.
: [cage creaking]
: Come on.
Mat: Wonder why we never had one of these in Two Rivers. Charming, really.
: ♪ ♪
: [clacking]
: [horse neighs]
: [indistinct chatter]
: [creaking]
: [horse neighs]
: [jangling]
: [man shouts]
: [cheering]
: [lively chatter and laughter]
group: Drink! Drink! Drink!
: [cheering]
Dana: Welcome, gents.
: [coins clinking]
: [chatter, laughter]
Rand: We've only got enough for food.
Dana: Soup's good today.
Rand: Yeah. Has anyone else come into town today? Our age. A woman with a braid or a big man. A blacksmith.
Dana: No, the only other fresh one in town's a gleeman. Best quiet down. He's about to do another song.
: [laughter]
: [floor creaking]
: Shh, quiet.
: [tuning]
Thom: ♪ The colors of his morning ♪
♪ The darkness of his night ♪
♪ Little graves that gave no warning ♪
♪ A sun that brought no light ♪
♪ He saw his whole world breaking ♪
♪ That tortured soul I met ♪
♪ In a prison of his making ♪
♪ The man who can't forget ♪
♪ I can still hear the way that he cried ♪
♪ For the ones he was missing ♪
♪ I can still hear the way that he cried ♪
♪ For the ones he had lost ♪
♪ He saw them in the rivers ♪
♪ He felt them in the rain ♪
♪ In dreams he heard them whisper ♪
♪ The truth that is his pain ♪
♪ He caused the whole world's breaking ♪
♪ That tortured soul I met ♪
♪ In a prison of his making ♪
♪ The man who can't forget ♪♪
: [clanging in distance]
: [guitar thumps]
Dana: All right, we all gonna cry? Or do we want another round?
: [cheering]
: Oh, sorry. [grunts]
Mat: Yeah, don't worry, mate.
: That's for you.
: Thank you, thank you.
: [grunts]
: [chuckles softly]
Thom: Donation for the gleeman?
Mat: Too depressed for charity, I'm afraid.
Thom: But if you two think you can do better, go on, then.
Dana: Don't let him bait you. Anyone but him here sings ends up in the lake. That'll be three coppers.
Mat: We didn't order that beer for him.
Dana: Donation for the gleeman.
Thom: It's all right.
: [sighs]
Thom: You cannot trust anyone in here.
: [coins clink]
: Come on.
Thom: Donation for the gleeman. And a small fee for the life lesson.
Rand: Bloody expensive lesson.
Thom: The best ones are.
: [chuckles softly]
: Come on.
: [door opens]
Rand: Sit down.
: [door closes]

Caralain plain[]

: [wind blowing]
: [wolves howling]
: [barking in distance]
: [howling]
Egwene: They're still there.
: Look.
: Fresh tracks.
: And deep.
: And carrying lots of people.
: Who do you think they could be?
: I... don't know.
: Traders?
: Maybe Whitecloaks.
: [inhales sharply]
: Well, whoever they are... they've headed east, towards the White Tower.
Egwene: The wolves, Perrin. It's almost like they, they led us here.
Perrin: We should stay well back until we know who we're following.
: [wind blowing]

Four Kings Inn[]

: [lively chatter]
Mat: Have we got enough money to pay for tonight?
Rand: I have. You got robbed. Come on. Let's see if that barmaid has a room for us.
: Come on.
Dana: All right, out with it, then. I can tell when a lad wants something.
: [grunting]
Mat: My friend and I find ourselves in... [sniffing] ...dire financial straits and in need of a place to sleep, just for the night. We throw ourselves at the feet of your mercy and charity.
Dana: Go on, then.
: [chuckles softly]
Rand: Uh, we're looking for somewhere cheap, even if it's just a tarp. We have some money or we can work for it.
Dana: Save your money. Light knows I need the help. [exhales] Come on.
Dana: Start by splitting all that. I'm sure two strong lads like you can manage.
Rand: Isn't she a bit... young for you? Thought Moiraine was more your speed.
Mat: I make exceptions.
Rand: Come on. We'll take turns.
Mat: Do you think she's up for it?
Rand: The wood, Mat. We'll alternate.
Mat: [sniffs] To be fair, you are the one who said we'd do this. And you're the reason we're in this shit town to begin with.
Rand: What's going on with you?
Mat: Nothing.
Rand: This is the least of what we're going to have to do to make it to the White Tower.
Mat: [chuckles]
Rand: You think this will be easy?
Mat: You're serious, aren't you?
Rand: What do you mean?
Mat: About all this shite.
Rand: What are you on about?
Mat: Oh, come on, Rand. Aes Sedai? White Tower? One of us being the Dragon Reborn? It's a bloody joke. And the worst kind, one that's gone on way too long. Egwene and Perrin aren't going to the White Tower. They're probably dead.
Rand: You don't believe that.
Mat: Even if they aren't... you don't need to go there for her. She wouldn't do it for you.
Rand: You are such a prick. Go on, then. I'll handle this. You do whatever you want, like always.
: [grunts]
: [chatter, laughter]
: [clears throat]
Dana: Finished already?
Mat: Rand's a woodsman. More than capable himself. Thought it might be best if we split our efforts.
Dana: Something tells me your efforts aren't worth much.
Mat: Depends entirely on the exercise.
Dana: Huh. Latrine cleaning?
Mat: [chuckles] [inhales] No.
Dana: Washing sheets?
Mat: Mm, prefer to sleep in them.
Dana: I've got an idea.
Mat: Mm-hmm.
Dana: Why don't you tell me what you can do and I'll see if I can find you something.
Mat: [sucks teeth] Well... back home, I was, uh, pretty well-off. Horse trader.
Dana: Thank goodness you're here. Everybody! Everybody, I have a horse trader with no horses here.
Mat: [quietly] All right.
Dana: Does anyone need a horse trader with no horses?
: [jeering, laughter]
Dana: No one cares about anything other than when the next beer's coming. So it's your choice: serve beer or chop wood.
Mat: I'm usually the one drinking.
: [gasps]
Dana: Then you'll know how pissed off people get waiting for one.
: [shouting, laughter]
: Come on. What you waiting for?
: [man] Come on!
: [cheering]
: [chuckles] Too pretty for the mines, were we? Barmaid with stubble.
Mat: Blunted my razor shaving your wife's back.
: [laughing]
patron: [laughs] Hey, Dana, who is this? Where'd you find him?
Dana: I don't know. He just showed up. Might keep him around, though.
: [coins clinking]
Dana: He amuses.
Dana: They tipped you.
: [chuckles softly]
Dana: Saving up for something nice?
Mat: Just trying to get home.
Dana: And here's me thinking this was the spot you'd always dreamed of. Shame. Breen's Spring ain't exactly the place to find a man who can string an entire sentence together.
: [both chuckle]
Dana: So, where's home?
Mat: The Two... of us are from Baerlon. Back west. You don't know the quickest way to get back?
Dana: Riverboat. [grunts softly] But you'll need more tips than that.
: How much more?
Dana: A few hundred tables more. Double if your friend's going with you.
: I'm only gonna need one ticket.
Dana: Bit of a shame you're headed home. I like the fact you got out. Here, we're born in this dirt, spend our lives digging in it, until, one day, they cover us up with a few shovelfuls of the same stuff. And all these bastards know everything about me. The ones that stuck around have known me since I was a girl. But someplace new, someplace new you can be whatever you want. No one's gonna know the dirt you were born in.
Mat: I've got people who need me. So I'm gonna get back, somehow. Whether I need to beg, borrow or steal.
Dana: I'd think about that last one, unless you want to end up in a cage.


: [birds singing]
: [breathing shallowly]
Nynaeve: The poison... it's not like anything I've seen before.
: [Moiraine whimpers]
Nynaeve: I worry it...
Lan: I'll be back.
Nynaeve: Where are you going? What happened to watching my every move?
Lan: You'll keep her safe. You need to.
: [horse snorts]
Nynaeve: Don't be so sure.
: [clicks tongue]
: [horse snorting]
: Hah.
: [horse neighs]
: Hyah! Hyah!

Caralain plain[]

: [panting softly]
: [Perrin exhales]
: We won't be able to see too far ahead in there.
Perrin: Let me go first. I'll come back for you if it's safe.
Egwene: No. We go together or we don't go at all.
Perrin: No, I'm just going to see. I'll just see who it is.
Egwene: You don't have to protect me, Perrin. All right? It's not your fault... what happened.
Perrin: [quietly] It is.
Egwene: It's not. It's not your fault.
: [crying softly]
: ♪ ♪
Egwene: Come on. Let's go.
: [bird screeches]
: [rustling]
: [cracking]
: [muffled] Perrin.
Egwene: Perrin, what is it?
: [howling]
: [barking, howling]
: [exhales sharply]
: What do you want?
: [man] Do you know the song?
: Do you know the song?
: What?
: [dog whining]
Aram: They don't know it or they'd have answered. "Your welcome warms our spirit as your fires warm the flesh, but we do not know the song." That's the important bit. Go on. Say it.
Egwene: "Y-Your welcome warms our... our spirit as your fire warms the flesh, but... w-we do not know the song."
Perrin: We-we don't know the song.
Aram: Satisfied?
Ila: "Then we seek still. As it was, so shall it be, if we but remember, seek and find." I'm Ila. This is Raen. You both look awful.
: [horses neighing]
: [indistinct chatter]
: [children laughing]
: Please.
: ♪ ♪
: Who are you?
: [children squealing]
Aram: Come on, now. Our reputation precedes us, wherever we go.
: Ill-earned, that reputation.
: We're the Tuatha'an, the Traveling People.
: The people who steal your gold and your children.
: Aram.
Aram: Surely you've heard of the Tinkers?
: Our fires are open to all, for as long as you need them.
Aram: And you two, you look like you need them.

Four Kings Inn[]

Rand is still chopping wood. Dana comes out back.

Dana: I let your friend off an hour ago. Figured he'd join you.
Rand: Not until all the work's done, I'm sure.
Dana: That's plenty for now. And the next year, probably.
Rand: So, it's all right if we stay out here?
Dana: I'll do you one better. Come on.

Dana shows him into a private room with two beds.

Rand: Honestly, we'll be fine under the tarps. You could fill this with another paying customer.
Dana: Do you think I see any of that coin? No, you and Mat, you earned a real roof. And this will give you plenty of privacy. You can be as loud as you want, and no one will hear a thing. Nothing like a bit of slap and tickle to sort out relationship woes.
Rand: [chuckles] Mat and I, we're not...
Dana: Sorry. It's none of my business what a man decides to do with his... I'll keep my gob shut.
Rand: We're not together.
Dana: You sure? Well, things seem pretty tense for friends.
Rand: Yeah, if I wanted a man, I could do better.
Dana: [chuckles] I didn't know. I can't tell. These beers are on the house for you both, whatever you are.
Rand: Well, have his. He's done bugger all. Unless you're working.
Dana: Oh. If you don't think I drink on the job, then you have sorely misjudged me.


: [rapid hoofbeats]
: [birds singing]
: [wind whistling]
: [horse neighs]
: [horse snorting softly]
: [wheezing]
: [groans softly]
: [exhales]
: [mumbles]
Moiraine: [weakly] S-Siuan.
: [horse neighs]
Moiraine: S... [exhales]
Lan: I found what we're looking for. Can she ride?
Nynaeve: The poultice will give her energy for a few hours, maybe more. But after that...
: [exhales]

Breen's Spring[]

: [wind blowing]
: [insects trilling]
: [cage creaking]
: [dog barking in distance]
Thom: [gleeman] What are you doing, boy?
Mat: Could ask the same of you, old man.
: Don't want to hurt you.
: You'll bleed out before you could lay a finger on me.
Mat: I've not survived Trollocs to die at the hands of a singer.
Thom: I'm not here for you. I'm here to bury him. What kind of farm boy from the Two Rivers has met a Trolloc?
Mat: Who says I'm from the Two Rivers?
Thom: It's written all over you. Your speech, your dress, your asinine attitude. Stubborn as a mule. Come. Help me get him down.
Mat: What'd he do?
Thom: This wasn't justice. I heard them, in town, bragging about killing an Aiel.
Mat: He's an Aiel?
Thom: Aren't many things outside accent and dress that can tell you where a person's from. But it is rare to see that color of hair outside the Aiel Waste.
: Stories say they're as bad as Trollocs.
Thom: Mine don't. They're fighters, yes, but they're honor-bound ones. You see, it's only when they're veiled you should worry. That's when you're as good as dead. Now, he... was no threat. He was murdered by cowards who feared something they didn't understand. This is the last time I'll ask you. What are you doing here?
Mat: Need money... to get home. [sniffs] Thought he might have some. Not like he needs it.
Thom: We've all had desperate moments. Tell me when you're finished.
: [dogs barking in distance]
: [grunts softly]
: [soft rattling]
Mat: I'm sorry. I've got sisters who need me.
: [exhales]
Mat: I'm done.
: [footsteps approaching]
: ♪ ♪
Thom: If you're gonna take from the dead, the least you can do is bury them.
: [cheering in distance]

Four Kings Inn[]

Dana: [laughs] So are you from Baerlon as well?
Rand: Scuse me?
: Mat said he's heading back there.
Rand: Mat says a lot of things.
: [chuckles]
Rand: Yeah, I'm from, uh, Baerlon.
: Why'd you leave?
Rand: I needed to get away. Mat did, too.
: Ooh, are you in trouble?
Rand: It's complicated.
: Then why are you letting him go back alone, then?
Rand: I'm going east.
Dana: Where?

Rand takes another drink without answering.

Dana: [groans] I'm not prying. Maybe I can help. I know all the places. I hear the miners and the travelers talk about everywhere. And here I am, just hearing, when I want to be seeing.
Rand: Seeing what?
Dana: [exhales] Stone of Tear. The Lion Throne of Caemlyn. An Ogier Stedding. Maybe even a Trolloc. [chuckles]
: Hmm.
Rand: Why don't you?
Dana: The Wheel hasn't given me many choices, and the ones that I've made have left me here.
Rand: You know what's funny? I... I never gave much thought to the Wheel before all this. I just always done what I thought was right, then moved on to the next thing and tried to do right again. [chuckles softly] But now... I don't know. I don't know what's right. I don't know what to do. I don't know shit, really.
: [chuckles softly]
: [chuckles]
: I'm sorry. I didn't...
: No, I'm sorry.
: ...didn't mean to...
Dana: I came on too strong, didn't I?
Rand: No, it has nothing to do with you.
: [exhales sharply]
Rand: It's just that I...
Dana: Was it the hair?

Dana closes the door and locks it.

Rand: What?
Dana: No, I shouldn't have braided it. Makes me look too much like her, doesn't it?
Rand: Like who?
Dana: Egwene. I really like you, Rand. I think it would be better if you just got back on the bed.
Rand: How do you know her name?
Dana: I said get on the bed.
: [grunting]
: [Rand grunts]
: [grunts]
: [shouts]
: [panting]
Rand: What are you doing?
Dana: Waiting.
Rand: For what?
Dana: Mat. I need him, too. You know, I didn't think you'd be this sweet. Makes it harder.
: [breathing heavily, shouts]

Breen's Spring[]

Thom: Rest, warrior of the Three-fold Land. May your soul find water and shade. What's your name, lad?
Mat: Mat Cauthon.
Thom: Thom Merrilin.
Mat: Now that we're, uh... acquaintances, are you gonna give me my money back?
: [coins jangling]
: [Thom chuckles]
Thom: I see you denied me the opportunity. Take care, lad. Don't let me find you hanging in a cage someday, huh?

Four Kings Inn[]

Rand: Help! [panting]
Dana: Why do you think I brought you here? That door is made of ironwood. Three men your size couldn't break it down. And like I said, no one can hear a thing outside.
: [grunting]
Dana: Rand, come on!
: [grunts, panting]
: [shouts]
: [panting]
: [roars]
: [panting]
woman: What is it?
Rand: Mat!
Mat: What? What?
Rand: [pants] She's got my sword!
Mat: What happened?
Rand: Run! Go! [panting]
: [grunts]
: Run!
: Come back here!
man: What's going on out there?
: [panting]
: Rand! Here!
: [woman gasps]
: Out of the way!
: [grunts]
: [panting] This way.
: [indistinct shouts]
: [grunts]
: [Dana panting]
Mat: Dana. What are you doing?
Dana: I see you. At night, in my dreams. All five of you. But only one of you matters. Only one of you can be it.
Mat: Five?
Rand: Be what?
Dana: The Dragon.
Rand: Who are you?
Dana: Doesn't matter who I am. What matters is who I'm gonna be. The last time someone brought the Dragon to the Dark One, we still remember his name 3,000 years on. Ishamael. And to think, of all the people who serve the Dark, from fishermen to queens, it'll be me who brings you to him this time. Me.
Rand: You'd let the Dark One kill us?
Dana: He doesn't want to kill you. That's what the Aes Sedai want. He wants you to save us. Can't you see that? The Wheel keeps turning, and people keep hurting. Every man who comes to this shite town has a story. Flood, drought, war, sisters murdering their brothers, children killing their parents. But the Dragon... the Dragon has a chance to change all that. Break the Wheel. Make it stop.
Rand: We're gonna leave now.
Dana: Are you? I called one of them. It's already on its way.
Mat: What?
Rand: One of what?
Mat: One of what?
Dana: One of the Eyeless. And you can't outrun a Fade.

A dagger pierces through Dana's throat. She chokes and falls to the ground. Thom appears behind her.

Rand: [stammers] You just...
Thom: Didn't you hear her? She's a Darkfriend, boy. Sworn body and soul to the Dark One. If what she said is true, we need to leave now.
Rand: We're not going anywhere with you.
Thom: Suit yourself, if you think the Fade will be better for company.
Mat: Where are you going?
Thom: East. And fast. Are you coming?
Mat: East is good. East is good.


Nynaeve: We've been heading southwest for three hours now. You care to tell me why?
Lan: Moiraine, we need you now.

Several women on horseback appear before them. Liandrin approaches on horseback.

Liandrin: Moiraine Sedai.
Moiraine: Liandrin Sedai.
Liandrin: If you're here to help, you're too late. Oh, didn't you hear? We captured a man calling himself the Dragon Reborn.

Behind Liandrin, others approach: two Warders (Maksim and Stepin) on horseback lead. Behind them is a horse-drawn cage, and within the cage is a man. Sitting on the cart outside the cage are two Aes Sedai (Alanna and Kerene). Behind them are more Aes Sedai on horseback. Moiraine looks at the caged man, who stares straight ahead.


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